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    Hi Everybody, new to the forum.

    Try Pathfinder Motorsports They are in nearby Melbourne.
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    BF Goodrich tyres

    Hopefully an endorsement is acceptable here. I've owned several sets of T/A radials and been very happy with all of them. When I was researching them I spoke to their rep at SEMA and she indicated they are intended to balance wear (they are warrantied for six years) and durability with...
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    Serious thoughts on CAV

    Hi Mark, I've had my CAV well over 15 years and loved it. With the stainless chassis and solid body, it still looks new and is a consistent trophy winner at verisous events. However, my advise is to search out owners of each of the major brands and actually see, sit in and if possible ride in...
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    Audi 016 gear lube

    GL-4 rated ONLY! Try Redline MT90 synthetic.
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    Storm on the Horizon

    Alive an well Ian. Thanks for asking. We were most fortunate the initial hurricane track projections were wrong. Sadly, the devastation to the Bahamas appears to be horrible. Here is what we were facing last week vs how it turned out. As Walt indicated, hopefuly the track change to the Carolinas...
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    016 throw out bearing

    The 016 box is out of an Audi 5000 (1988). Try and see if Sach SN 31846 will work. Or contact German Transaxle of America
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    I'm not here too often these days but was truly saddened to hear of Keith's passing. I've enjoyed his posts, insights and his tenure as a fair minded moderator. Thanks to Ian for positing the details of his service. Keith seems to have had a life well lived and an intriguing personal history. It...
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    GT40 Avenger

    You can apparently do a lot with these. This is a local car that has a blown engine and Oldsmobile Toronado trans. It's proabably just the thing for a soon to be organ donor though.
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    Warch the trailer--are you going to see Ford v. Ferrari? here's a review just of the trailer

    I'm not sure how you determined RUSH "tanked". It earned $26.9 million in domestic box office, $71.3 million in international box office, with a worldwide gross of $98.2 million against a budget of $38 million.
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    GT40 Avenger

    Mike, They had a number of these locally at one time and some were stunning cars. I think they had a plant in Miami. You can do a lot with a VW air cooled engine and 150 horsepower is not out of the question. Some also used Corvair engines but I suspect they are pretty scarce as are their...
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    Ford v. Ferrari trailer

    Matt Damon is certainly a stretch but at least it's not Tom Cruise who was talked about in the Shelby role initially. They got the Dan Gurney casting pretty close though . Apparently it will be his son Alex. I also hope they give Phil Remington his due.
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    A whole set of questions.

    Many use the Ford Cortina - will probably need 1/2" cut off each end. Seats:
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    CAV GT Fuel vapor

    Check behind the right wheel well. Some of the early bladders tend to seep there. I replaced my cells with updated Fuel Safe cells and put in check valves in the filler necks. Absolutely no fuel smell.
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    Show me your fuel pumps please! - Carb fed engines

    Julian are you using an air/fuel-ratio meter? If it's stumbling at WOT, assuming the fuel filters (there are also some on the pumps) are clean and it may be that you could adjust the fuel pressure via the Malpassi/Filter King unit.
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    Show me your fuel pumps please! - Carb fed engines

    The Facet Red Tops have worked fine for me. The 480532E Gold-Flo is factory rated at 8.0 - 6.5 PSI and 45GPH. The Holley Double Pumper (650, 700, 750, and 800 CFM) are designed to work best at fuel pressures between 5 and 7 psi. Holley recommends 7 psi at idle, and a minimum 4 psi at engine...