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    Tornado in Vermont

    Hey Bill, great looking job you're doing. keep it up. By the way, are you building a right hand car, or I am mistaken?
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    Dream garage/car collection...

    Yeah, me too.
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    Dream garage/car collection...

    My list is actually something that I really like to have, something that I am looking forward to, a shopping list, if you will. 1. 1988 Honda Civic Hatchback (from my college years, super dependable car, 300k+ miles on it and still going strong) 2. 1965 Ford Mustang Coupe 3. 1965 Ac 427 Cobra...
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    But GT100 could be a nice name also, altough it wouldn´t be 100% accurate.
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    Never take your Bugatti swimming

    He must had have a hell of a cellular phone, I mean, to worry about it but don´t care about his car, gees. :drunk::drunk::drunk::drunk:
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    Swed Building from scratch

    You could look here, to find the drawings:
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    Swed Building from scratch

    Thomas, your chassis looks great. Just one question, your chassis looks a lot like a set of blue prints I found here, in this web page. Are you building from those plans as well? Regards, Víctor
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    Renault Transaxles

    I may be a little dumb, alrigth, but how can you fit that kind of transaxle in a car like that? I am just asking, not passing judgement. I would like to know.
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    Anyone Identify this Incident?

    I believe he waited as long as he could to avoid anybody getting injured.
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    TS40 in Derbyshire

    Bryn, your build looks great, any new updates? Víctor
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    Kiwi scratchbuilt

    Thank you Russ, for your kind answers. I now know what to do with all the paneling, thanks again. Just one thing though, you are talking mm right? Victor
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    Kiwi scratchbuilt

    Hi Russ, just finished reading all this build log and have to tell you, it looks great, have to congratulate you and Lim for this fine work. I am starting to "research" about building my own car, and have desided that maybe I´ll build the chassis from scratch and buy the body from some kit...
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    DRB chassis #74

    Everything looks great. One question though, did you really made the exhaust? if so, great job, if not, they look great anyway. You are way more experience around tools and hardware that you say you are. Congratulations, keep it up. Víctor
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    A.J.'s RCR 40

    Hey, A.J. what are the latter news? Still waiting? Boy am I jealous of you, what a great looking car.
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    Custom transaxle

    It looks that you really know what you are doing, at least you are not afraid of doing it. I admire that "I can do it" attitude. It is actually something that I would like to try out sometime. I could esaily found a Nissan patrol around here, a lot easier and cheaper than finding the...