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    I enjoyed reading his posts. RIP Keith, prayers to his family
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    The Art of Racing In the Rain - Garth Stein

    I read the book last year. It is a good book from the dogs point of view.
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    Chuck's Jaguar D Type Build

    Keep it here
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    Is gt40's important to you - let us know your thoughts

    Just donated, odds of me getting a GT are slim, but I love the information here of the originals and replicas.
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    I'm a sucker for WWII aircraft

    The WWII planes are great. The sounds, then designs are wonderful to listen to and watch.
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    Fatal GT40 Accident - Please tell me this is not Toms RCR GT40

    RIP Tom, prayers for his family.
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    A Tribute To My Son

    Pete, sorry too hear about your son. Prayers for you and your family at this time.
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    Veronica's Vette

    Very good story and it is great your daughter loves cars. The vette looks good with your other cars.
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    Scoop to keep cockpit safe.

    Very nice addition.
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    Ronnie Spain's Book

    Hi Ronnie, Will you please add me to your list of people wanting a signed copy of your book. Thank you Bill
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    Mark IV at Watkins Glen

    Very nice, thanks for sharing.
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    Petrol Prices where you are

    In Southern California, it is $4.23 for 87 octane and $4.55 for diesel.
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    Tow rigs- any 6.0L Powerstroke experience out there?

    SCT is a tuner, here is a link to one of their units for the 6.0L Diesel. SCT Performance - More Power! Less Fuel!=
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    Tow rigs- any 6.0L Powerstroke experience out there?

    Ditto on the OASIS report on the truck. How many miles on it? If you get it I would suggest getting the EGR cooler replaced with one of these BulletProof EGR Coolers the factory ones like to pop a tube inside and allow oil and coolant to mix. While that is being done have the oil cooler checked...
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    Tax Increases

    Obama at his best, spinning his tales.