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    Dynaformance ECU Problems

    The feeler gauge method only works so so, a flow meter is the only way to go. Synchronization is the number three thing to do when tuning, number one is to check for fuel leaks, number 2 is set the timing.
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    GTD goes for $77K at B-J Palm Beach

    All the cars were no reserve and this GT40 was rough. I sold a cobra while I was down there and saw that car.
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    GT40 kit for $17,500 in the USA

    Hey Fran, what do you think it would cost to finish the car with a G50 trans and a $5K motor? And can you send me an email to [email protected] because I have a few questions offline.
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    Help me get back to a GT40

    Factory Five Racing Cobra Replica  A true man’s man Cobra, incredible looks with power to match. This fine example of an American Legend was originally built to be one of the strongest road going Cobras in the country with the show quality paint that J Miller does. Miller Customs...
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    Carburator looking Fuel injection Mss air.. not speed densi

    Ron, what don't you like about speed density?
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    Opinion on possible engine purchase

    Call Tony or Keith at Keith Craft Racing (870-246-7460) and see if they ever invoiced the guy for the motor. It's a great deal for $2500, the F cam is a decent cam but a Comp Cams XE 274HR would be a better choice. I was just up in Canada tuning a CAV with a stack injection that had a 347 with...
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    In Car Video

    Cool video, I wish my car had a ZF in it. The Audi trans runs out of RPM at 157mph and ran into the rev limiter HARD. Ian, picture your car in 4th and how hard it's accellerating at 5000 RPM and you'll have the Audi in fifth. The injection sure sounds nice.
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    Mallory distributor

    8155115 is the stack cap with 20° mechanical advance.
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    Electronic ignition system for road going motor

    [ QUOTE ] I had the same system that Kevin mentioned; MSD Pro Billet Street distributor and a MSD 6AL box. I replaced my distributor and box with an Electromotive crank triggered ignition with 4 coils. A couple of advantages of this system are that it supplies a longer duration spark with...
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    GTD/CAV aero splitter question

    Mark, I've seen both and the only difference in the body between the spaceframe and monocoque is the under door rocker panels to accomidate the fuel cells.
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    Barrett-Jackson MasterCard Commercial

    25th aniversary edition Lamborghini Countach---$90,000 76 Austin Healey 3000MkI roadster---$52,000 Telling your friend to start up the Countach (not knowing it was in gear) and having it run across the isle into the Healey---Piceless
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    GT40 at Barrett Jackson

    [ QUOTE ] Bob, As a retort and also as a ponderance the ONLY time Waynes and one of my cars have ever shared the same arena (Knotts last year) our DRIVEN car WON and a show pony came second. Best wishes, Robert [/ QUOTE ] Robert, my car a show pony??? Sorry to inform you but my car has...
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    Roush Intake

    You can use one of my intakes, Craig Hassler has one on his 347 that made 617 HP at 9200rpm. Dart block, Oliver billet rods and crank, ported AFR205 heads, VCP stack intake, mechanical roller cam, shaft mounted rockers.
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    Barrett Jackson 2004

    [ QUOTE ] I don't think we're going to see $117k for a GT40 replica again, no matter who makes it. [/ QUOTE ] Bite your tongue Ron...
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    Wayne Presley

    My phone numbers and email have not changed so I don't see why I haven't received any email or phone calls. [email protected] 760-403-6266 BTW what did you need?