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    GTD Tie Rod End Problem

    A simple G Cramp will do the job. Looking at your pictures have you checked sufficient thread ( excluding the lock nut ) as it might be marginal for safety. Frank
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    Chassis’ in order BEST TO WORST

    Do you mean currently available ?
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    Sorry Ian, I don't agree, call Bob at vintage wheels, but you need to know the required offsets etc , wheels are not just round metal things with a bit of black around the edge !
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    Front upright geometry

    Really Terry, interesting but ----------, Frank
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    GTD Small/Position light

    Yuji, can you send me a picture of what you are looking for, Frank
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    GT40 seats

    Nick, yes, but that's customer preference. I usually fit the flat bottom of the seat directly onto a lowered floor 40mm below normal floor level ( no runners ) gives the perfect ride height for " normal " people,
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    GT40 seats

    I was making these 20 years ago, but no longer do them. SouthernGT make then now . Frank
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    Docking Radiators Have you had a Failure?

    I only use ProAlloy radiators, expensive but never had one fail ! Frank
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    Door window removal and or other options?

    Hi Fred, I expect I can squeeze one out for you. You will enjoy Spa with that set up, I know I did.
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    Door window removal and or other options?

    No buffeting at all in the cockpit, the deflectors effectively remove all hot air from the cockpit. The fixings are the same as for the plastic windows, so easily swapped over . Frank
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    Door window removal and or other options?

    These are used a lot in hot climate, so much better with the wind deflectors at high speed