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    KVA / SGT build
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    FAST EZ EFI self tuning system issues

    So do I, unfortunately Accel DFI was discontinued....
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    Southern GT #70

    David, thought you wrote this on purpose ;) Cheers
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    Joel’s SL-C Build Thread

    Hello Joel, I take my hat off to you for your honesty and for sharing your lessons here on the forum. I know many pleople which would have made a secret out of this. Welding needs a lot of training especially on thin parts which serve a speciall purpose (like in your case leak proof). You need...
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    Superformance Pedal Box Adjustment

    Just found new YT video about Pedal Box adjustment.....
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    FAST EZ EFI self tuning system issues

    Can you check/access your ECU for error codes? Once I also had issues with performance. After changing random parts I purchased the Accel software key etc. to access the ECU > Sure enough I got an error code for no intake air temperature value. Checking the intake air sensor revealed that it...
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    Southern GT #70

    Don't underestimate safety in terms of toxic fumes from burned off paint (coatings). Serously, one shorts weld w/o removed coating can ruin your day (e.g. headache, etc.) or even worse.... How do coatings affect the composition of welding fumes? Vapours or fumes can come from coatings and...
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    Michael Reimann scratch built GT40 MK IV

    Interesting what can be found onlineo_O - Never saw this before....
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    How to determine which make / brand GT40?

    129.000€ for a „1968 GT40 original from Ford“ is extremly cheap and you should buy immediately ;) However, 129K€ for a GTD in questionable condition.....:eek: Anyway, I think sometimes it is a little more...
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    Frank Wigg - High quality ‘Toolroom’ GT40 replica built in New Zealand No connections Never heard of Frank Wigg - any information availably?
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    Who said it can't be fun to go to the grocery store

    Alpine did not only make the A310 - there have been many more models including pure race cars e.g. LeMans 24h.... English Wikipedia (not too detailed) German Wikipedia with Google translater - hope this works...
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    MK IV Pedal Assembly

    J13 or J16 - no pics from top of box - sorry
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    MK IV Pedal Assembly

    J9 - no pics from top of box - sorry