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    Mark's GT-R Build

    Could I get pictures of this process as well?
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    Superlite GT-R Rick Reeve

    And I'm looking for pictures of the frunk and completed layout. I'm also trying to game plan for the windows as well.
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    Michael's GT-R Build

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    Rufus GT-R

    Congratulations. This was awesome to watch
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    Kurtiss' GT-R

    Kurtiss thanks for the reply. I’m gonna send you a private message right now.
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    Kurtiss' GT-R

    What part of socal Kurtis?
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    Any Gt-R or SLC cars in Socal?

    Hi guys. Gearing up towards the last stretch of savings. Move to California and was wondering if any forum member is working on or has a kit they wouldn't mind showing? Would love to see a GT-R first and foremost but love the SLC as well. I'm located in long beach, willing to drive and bring...
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    Superlite GT-R Rick Reeve

    Im super next!
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    Luke's GT-R build

    Any updates to this build thread?
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    Steve's GT-R Build Thread

    I bet this thing is rolling by now! Great progress so far
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    Michael's GT-R Build

    Ahh. Somewhere I read the cj intake not fitting the coyote motor. But this is nice to know information. Great to know that a viable solution
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    Paul's build thread. (9 months away)

    Question. The aluminator xs or the gt350 flat plane. I could get the latter as a dropout for about 3k less with a little research. What's the better bang for the buck?
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    Michael's GT-R Build

    Monster of a motor. I'm gonna wanna know every little detail of making this thing fit. I may go this route or a 2015 coyote once I wrap my head around the intake woes
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    Del's Build: SLC IR/8

    Looks Very Bruce Wayne. Congratulations
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    Michael's GT-R Build

    If you need any 3d printed parts let me know! brake ducts etc