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    RCR 40 wreck for sale

    Looks like it sold on Tuesday. Too rich for my budget at this time (not sure exactly what it sold for) but the pre-auction bidding went higher than I expected. Anyone here get it?
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    RCR 40 wreck for sale

    Mahlon, thanks for the input and help. From the best I can tell from the pic it does look like square tubing myself which could mean an easier fix on the structure. I’m hoping to talk with someone at the yard to get a better pic of the area and see if they can tell me more about it and the...
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    RCR 40 wreck for sale

    Is anyone in the Flint area that can inspect or lay eyes on it for me? I have all the body parts to fix it (have had them for over 15yrs!) and this might be the perfect situation to make my GT-40 dream become a reality. Feel free to PM me if you can help see what shape the frame may be in...
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    Dreams Can come true! My GT

    I too can attest to Peter being a great guy! I got the pleasure in meeting him about 2 years ago when he was selling his kit and had just got the yellow RF. It is indeed a nice car and am sure Peter made many improvements to it over the last couple of years while enjoying it. Good luck and...
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    Now is the time!

    Thanks Scott, I've got to sell a house and move first before I get the chance to see what's left for starting my project. Hopefully the exchange rate will stay low throughout spring so I can take advantage of the terrific value it is to us in the U.S. Devin
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    Now is the time!

    Scott, What happened to the US spec kits on the website? Are they still available packages? If so, what are the GBP prices so we can keep track of them as the conversion rate falls? Thanks
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    KVA for sale

    Well done! I too would have bid on such a great deal but this is terrible timing for me right now. I'm trying to get my Shelby Mustang conv. replica in one piece before I head overseas for the next year and the wife would have divorced me for sure if that would have been in the garage for...
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    GTD for sale

    I remember seeing this car at a Texas Cobra Club meeting in Austin in either the spring of '04 or 05. I was impressed with the quality of the car then and looks like it is still as nice as I remembered it. I'm glad to hear you are hanging on to it. It was an impressive sight to see about...
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    GT40 Mark I Replica project car for sale:

    Yea it still stings me that I missed this chance to own a running GT-40 within my budget by mere its like pouring some salt into a old wound. I know how priorities change but think that a $15K profit from a 6 month "investment" is a bit too much for most of us here to bite on this...
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    Cad Drawings and open frame design

    Rumor has it that the FFR GTM concept started as a GT40 replica but they didn't want to get into the whole legal battle again like what happened with their "cobra" replica. I was following their GTM concept since its skunk works beginning and know their original frame was a few inches...
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    GT40 Mark I Replica project car for sale:

    Gordon, Please let me know if your potential buyer doen't work out...I'm seriously interested in it and would love to take it off your hands. Too bad I didn't see this earlier to be first in line... Devin
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    Anyone said "Thank You" to Ron lately?

    Your the man RON! You are absolutely right about the crowd here being professional and making this a great and useful website for us gearheads. Minimal distractors and spammers which I'm sure doesn't happen on its own. Keep up the great work! Have a Happy New Year. Devin
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    Roof louvre vents on MkII's

    If anyone is interested in another one, I have one I may part with. I found one on Ebay over a year ago and bought it thinking I might use it but am thinking against it. Not only that, but I am still a long ways from those sort of decisions when I am still working at sourcing/buying my...
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    GTD Build manual .pdf

    Simon, Just sent you an email to your hotmail. Devin
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    Unpainted/gelcoat P.R.I. R C R Show Car

    It was great meeting Fran and the guys at the show. The quality of the kit was even better in person than I expected. And especially loved talking with you all about the car and how the business is going. I thought you all surprised a lot of folks at the show with your product and what you...