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    Roll Cage question .......

    Just not cosmetically undesired but as a taller with longer legs individual (and not exactly young) any other obstruction would further make it even more difficult to enter and exit the vehicle. I would also emphasize the attitude of driving it like a motorcycle (as I do with my cobra replica)...
  2. W 2022 Fund Drive

    Thanks for all you do Ron!
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    FS USA RCR GT40 Half Doors For Sale

    Kim, I’m interested & PM’d you. Devin
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    David Sent you a PM on your GTM windshield Devin
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    Calling Dan White!

    I too would be interested in acquiring one from shipping here within the US. I’m prepping to scratch build and have front/rear clam shells but pieces to be assembled for the center spider (think KVA molded) and need one in hand to graft them together in proper shape. My experience with...
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    Comment by 'Wolfman' in media '744B0863-1E1C-46FA-AB79-127D82E10A15.jpeg'

    How much do you think? The ones I’ve found in the U.K. are £250 plus shipping.
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    Comment by 'Wolfman' in media '744B0863-1E1C-46FA-AB79-127D82E10A15.jpeg'

    Was thinking more of a trade? Don’t know what it’s worth...let me research.
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    Rt Drive Dash

    Dave, sent you a PM with pics.
  9. Dash


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    RHD 2
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    RHD front
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    RHD 1
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    RHD 3
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    RHD top