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    Starter Motor Type RAC517?

    Hi Brian, thanks for the dimensions. So those are the standard Small Block starter dimensions, but for replicas using the Renault UN1 with Ford Essex flywheel, it is usual to have an Essex V6 starter motor, which has the flange dimensions of the Racemettle RAC407. In my case however, the starter...
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    Starter Motor Type RAC517?

    Getting some dimensions from Powerlite to make sure it fits before I buy. Here is the Bosch, you can see that the flange is smaller than the RAC407 Essex version. Had been butchered to compensate for spindle wear.
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    Starter Motor Type RAC517?

    Having issues when hot with weak starting, so looking at high torque starter and replacing cables. Renault UN1 transaxle and Ford V6 flywheel but starter seems to be different to the normal RAC407 type but with same 9 teeth pinion. As far as I can tell it is RAC517 The mounting hole pitch...
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    Jimmymac & Alistair's Cars

    Works of art James! Is there a build thread here or elsewhere?
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    Help. Engine speed dips and stalls when changing down.

    Update and other fun! On replacing plugs I thought that checking the old ones with a megger (high voltage insulation checker) might be informative, and it does indeed work as the cylinder producing black smoke (sooty plug) showed a zero reading, with one other plug giving a low reading and...
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    Wanted Ford Granada Rear calipers

    Hi Marcus, I have a pair and discs too if needed, I will have a look tonight and send you pics if you are interested. Dave
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    Spring rates for KVA cortina front end

    JP, yes the spring length is in my response although not labelled, it's the 10.5" figure after the id. Dave
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    Spring rates for KVA cortina front end

    Hi JP, these are the notes I made about my springs. Mine is DAX, but I believe same as GTD, so not necessarily match KVA. As found Front 200lbf/in 2.25"id 10.5" 10.5mm wire 10.5 turns Rear 250lbf/in 2.25"id 10.5" 11 mm wire 10.5 turns Bought Front 300lbf/in 2.25"id...
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    Spring rates for KVA cortina front end

    Hi Marcus, mine is a DAX, but I had the same issue with 200lbf/in front and 250 rear. I increased to 300lbf/in front and 350 rear and that was great for road use on my car. If you measure inner diameter and free length of your springs, then have a look on the the site Mike provided, you should...
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    15 inch Wheel Options

    Hi Simon, my preference is 15" too. You may have already checked this, but first of all, you need to be sure that the existing brake disc diameter / caliper combination will accommodate 15inch wheels. If the discs have been chosen to fill the 17" wheel, they will be too large for the 15" and...
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    Mirror Pics wanted

    Doug, I copied and pasted the picture but then couldn't seem to be able to type. This is what I did, copied from Dave Collins who recommended it and sent me the mirror details. You could also search Daves' threads to find any info there.
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    mk4 for sale in Belgium

    Looks very nice JP. The description only talks about mkIV in general and says nothing about this specific car. If it was not a replica, they would surely give a history? According to the data it is LPG fuelled!
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    Photo Contest

    From your previous posts, I always thought there was something special about the look of this car, so happy to vote, even if there is a gt40 mk1 there too, I'm such a turncoat!!!
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    CAV GT40 going to injection on a 302 with FAST 304152 and TEC 3 Electromotive

    Hi Sean, I installed Jenvey Twin Throttle Bodies with Emerald K6 ecu on my 302. Maybe my log will help answer some of your questions, Dave