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    GT40 Graveyard!!!

    They also appear, from the pics, to be far more substantial(thicker) than 60s era racing parts.
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    S-W 240A fuel pump

    forgot to include the pic
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    S-W 240A fuel pump

    Used pump taken off 60s era Model A hot rod, because of only hardline plumbing it is suspected that it created too much noise. This pump and a Holley Blue pump were on the car, but no longer plumbed or wired in. It has a small Mr. Gasket pump that now has some rubber hoses in the line and works...
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    OEM Ford GT40 Floor Mats

    I have a pair of black ones and that's what I thought they were. They came as part of a Boss 302 a decade or more ago, it was pretty obvious that they were too short for a front set so I figured they must have been just the back part of a set. Never researched them, but didn't think Ford made...
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    I forgot to note that I see it comes with a dry sump pan, but the pic you furnish shows an oil...

    I forgot to note that I see it comes with a dry sump pan, but the pic you furnish shows an oil filter mount. Maybe it is a genric pic and that is what the confusion is genrated by. Thanks again, Woodsy
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    Hi, I,m located in Central Il., what is your location? I'm interested in the 351 shortblock that...

    Hi, I,m located in Central Il., what is your location? I'm interested in the 351 shortblock that you are offering. Because it is listed as a Nascar type engine, I figured the block was iron, but can't find an iron block listed on their site with 302 size mains. Is it iron or aluminum? While I...
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    Jim Hall of Chaparral fame did pretty well with a 2 speed automatic. So while it may not be the desired number of gears for many (I'm included), 2 seems to have some advantages in certain applications. I have more concerns, as mentioned, about the length. It reminds me of the old Crown V8 kit...
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    When THEY Run Everything.

    First, I NEVER said the ability to vote should be taken away, I say only those eligible to vote should be allowed...pretty simple. No you can't have it both ways, which is what you attempt to do regularly. In a recent discussion on another issue which, unlike the voting laws, is in the Bill of...
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    When THEY Run Everything.

    It was probably an insinuation that Obama got a lot of illegal votes. I have had to show ID several times over my 62 years and I am a born American, what's the big deal? It was typically when I moved into a new district and done as a verification. After that it wasn't required. Why is it O.K...
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    Ford : Ford GT ERA 1966 ERA Ford GT40 MK I

    Good catch. After looking at the pics, I'd guess it was wired backward for pics. I noticed in the brake shots that the rear discs seem to be missing as well as e-brake calipers, or something else. There's an imprint mark on both uprights.
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    Interested CL ad for a 289HP motor (not mine)

    I believe the XE casting number would be a 4 bolt from the GT40 program and probably Trans Am. I figured it would get snatched up by someone just because of the casting #. Stick the guts in another block and you could almost recoup what it cost.
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    Gun Identification Question

    Sorry, can't identify the guns, they do however appear to have a strong kick.
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    Gardner Douglas T70 hits the road!

    Great job! Always liked the T70, had a slot car bodied that way...also had a 289 Cobra bodied one. As a Ford guy, it was always disappointing to see them all powered by Chebby engines. Sure do miss Can Am racing, classic american muscle motors in light weight race cars.
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    High School Principles speech

    Jim, I agree, just like I feel the idea of teaching children that there is no winner in a game is disingenuous. It has created a growing number of people that think they just have to show up, no skills are required and all is equal. All is not equal. I have always been somewhat of a devil's...
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    High School Principles speech

    Yes, as a matter of fact, I do. Polling is done to get stupid statistics. It is done from a specific "pool" to get statistics for whatever position is being bolstered by them. Simply, Polling is done to get flimsy statistics to make others feel like the position is valid. The KKK polled the...