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  • I have alot of spare part..
    Seats,pedels,6-speed audi, polished headers--302
    back panel, 5 spped audi, ... Gt mike calif..
    hi glen, sounds like we are doing the same thing, i startefd my car 18 yrs ago,and got it to a basic rolling chassis stage with a Rover v8, and a renault gearbox, then it spent 17 yrs in the back of a barn, untill, about 6 months ago, whan i restarted the projuct, the cost to me 18 yrs ago, was about £2000

    i built my own chassis, and im making as much as i can myself to save money, i paid £1000, for a new body if i can get the car finished for another £6000, ill be happy, its suppriseing how much it costs just to have new master cylinders, and brake lines

    when you build a chassis with, granada uprights, there is allways a problem, with the steering column, and the pedal box.....they both want to be in the same place. but i have found a really easy, and cheap solution to the problem, im supprised no body has worked out how to do it before, i more than happy to share my ideas, and knowledge with you... i would love to see, some pics of your chassis
    hi glen,
    i think frank has something, very constructive to say ............

    glen please tell me more about your car............ i think your on a tight budget like me ............ us poor people should stick together
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