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    Complete Kit Car Magazine

    Just had published the second article for my Southern GT40 Part one was feb issue out Jan and part two March issue out Feb ( now ). Luckily it stopped raining the day of the photo shoot.
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    Complete Kit Car magazine

    Hi all, Today the final photo shots were done by complete kit car magazine for my Southern GT40 The first section of the magazine will be out this month for the build sequence with February's issue will have the final completed car pictures. Hopefully some of you will support the magazine in...
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    Wind deflectors for the gt40

    I decided to do something about excessive heat build up in the cockpit on very hot days and the a/c on full chat, the car was not overheating , but I was. I have today purchased from Frank Catt a pair of wind deflectors so that I can remove the side perspex and breath fresh air. I picked them...
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    8 stack throttle linkages

    Having just had the 8 stack injection set up better we found that the throttle bodies were only opening at 35 percent, there better now at 65 percent but obviously need to be 100 percent. The existing pedal can't really be altered so is there a suitable linkage system available and has anyone...
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    Bleeding Vinyls !

    I was checking the calibration of my fuel gauge with the quantity of fuel in the tanks and found that each tank held 30 ltrs but actually pouring in 31 ltrs spilled over the caps. It ran down the car and onto the Vinyl firestone sticker on the cill which instantly melted the lettering off...
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    Clutch master cylinders ?

    I had a problem with the girling master cylinder in my SGT 40, it leaked from the push rod therefore a seal was faulty, I found out that the supplier being builder solutions actually sold alternative manufacturers not girling. Never the less I got another one thinking is was a one off crappy...
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    Fuel and water sensors ?

    I need a little assistance on a few items if anyone can help I need to accurately set up the fuel gauge and water gauge 1/. I have a Lucas fuel gauge with a CA ( Caerbont automotice ) lever arm style fuel transmitter in the tank. When the arm is set up, which it is, does the gauge...
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    Lightweight e type at brands hatch

    I saw this fantastic looking e type at a brands track day on Friday and had to take some pictures. I would have taken my SGT 40 for its first outing but did not have it ready. Weather was -1.5 deg and it was snowing lightly.
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    Daytona cobra coupe

    Hi all, Does anyone have any knowledge of the Daytona Cobra coupe in kit form in the UK or supplies the UK. Looking at options of building one in the near future, I dont want to buy one already built. Cheers
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    Door roundel sizes ?

    Thinking about the size of the door roundels. I would like for the top of the roundel to be slightly down from the side windows as in the picture, this would intersect the cill stripes nicely. Also the roundel has to be more forward on the door and not central because of the body lines...
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    Wheel nut safety pins

    Where can I get in the UK wheel nut safety pins for pin drives Any assistance appreciated CHEERS
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    Heated screens

    I Understand that Southern GT now can supply heated front screens for 40's Question. How much Amps draw would the screen take ? Will this eliminate an IVA demister requirement ?
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    Wing Mirrors

    I'm using chromed bullet style wing mirrors but still deciding where to mount them. Common sense says where you can see best, but going by pictures 50% mount on the front canopy and the rest on the doors. On my original GTD 40 I had them on the doors. Usually your view rearwards from the...
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    Insurance who !

    For all you UK owners of GT40 's What Insurance company do you use. ? I have a few Different quotes that vary a lot Any assistance appreciated Cheers
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    Kinsler Velocity Stacks

    Hi All, I'm looking for a nice polished set of Velocity stacks to fit a Kinsler fuel inection system. I have eight original stacks at the moment but had to cut the bell mouth ends off to fit there last application. Looking for something nice and non restrictive. Probably more info coming from...
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    Ultima Un build log !

    Hi all, If the moderator feels this thread is in the wrong place, please move it, I thought it may be of general interest to see under the skin of an Ultima. It may not be in good taste being a GT40 site but whilst waiting for my SGT40 to be IVA tested and thereafter painted all in all about...
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    Shark Gill vents

    Hi all I'm looking for some Shark Gill vents for the front wings. Have seen these mainly on race cars but can't locate a supplier. There not for my 40 Anyone know where I can get these items Cheers
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    what garage workstations

    I'm looking at bringing my garage up to date and looking at the Dura range of cabinets and cupboards.. There not cheap I know and I dont want cheapies. Just wondered what others have ! Remember I'm in the UK Cheers all
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    help with video

    Hi All, I have a 281 mb video of 1st time starting the 40. I do have a you tube account Need help on downloading it. Any assistance gratefull Cheers
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    Simple fuel systems

    I was discussing the other day the complexity of the fuel systems when using twin tanks and fuel inection. Interestingly an Aeromotive agent suggested using only one pump for all. Having thoughts would it not be much simpler, less time consuming,cheaper and reducing the amount of pipework...