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    LMC 2022

    Was great to meet you Udo! Looking forward to next year already. Tony (gulf car)
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    LED Headlights

    I've also fitted bulbs from here to my SGT. It also has viva headlights. The bulbs I have are a little longer than standard as they have a fan fitted to the back to keep them cool. The light produced is dramatically better than the high output bulbs I had previous, but also as Mike says, the...
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    Southern GT handbrake beam

    Hi, I have mine fitted the same as yours Iwdal, but mine is closer to the engine mounts I think in order for enough movement on the handbrake lever and the pull on the cables. Mine works fine, it will hold the car and passed IVA as it is. Good luck with the build. Regards Tony
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    Braided Stainless Clutch Line

    Hi Andys, I had the same issue with my SGT, it was also very heavy. I increased the bore diameter of the hose, hard and flexi and that sorted the problems. I'm using 6mm bore hose, not standard brake pipe hoses. Regards Tony
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    Southern GT Suspension set up

    Here's another couple, and one of the rear. Hope they help.
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    Southern GT Suspension set up

    Here's one from the front on my SGT.
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    Mk.1 twin rear light

    Hi Eddy, I had Lee fit the single lights to my SGT when I bought it and this went through the UK IVA with no issues.
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    Southern GT #28

    I would put a hole through the rear bulkhead so that you can get a socket through onto the bottom pulley bolt. In order to be able to turn the engine over later once fitted. I missed this when I built my SGT, but have done it since. Easier done before the wiring and brake pipes get in the way on...
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    2020 NEC Classic Motor Show

    Hi Darren, Just added a reply to your post on the club forum. I'd really like to display my car again this year, and Anita and I will happily man and woman the stand each day for most of the day as my car would already be there. Regards Tony and Anita Sherrington.
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    Finally GT40

    Hi Paul, Yes just 18 months from picking up the chassis to passing IVA. Then a couple of months doing the paint. I'm near Chorley in Lancashire. If your ever up this way... once this virus has gone of course, then look me up. Regards Tony
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    Finally GT40

    Hi Paul, Like Shaun I would whole heartedly recommend SGT. I did a lot of homework and looked at Tornado, SGT and GTRacing, and I am completely happy with my choice. I bought mine in June 2017 and collected it in December 2017, it was on the road by September 2019. Where in the U.K. are you...