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    New Videos of Stacey's Gears up on youtube
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    What a/c system is being used?

    I know the a/c system has been changed from a Hot Rod air system. What is the new system being used? I know ISIS has a interface for the Vintage Air Gen4 systems and was hoping that this is the system that is being used.
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    Has any one looked at or used MiMod HP system?

    I was looking at the MiMod HP system on there website. They are set-up to integrate with ISIS wiring system. With there system you can design the layout of a dash display panel and have a second screen to use for all the other option ( switches, radio, nav, back up panel and more). I...
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    Roof scoop used for a cold air intake for the engine.

    Has anybody tried to use the roof scoop as cold air intake system? I would think it would give a ram-air type effect if done right. Due to the size of the 5.4L mod motor with a supercharge, I am going to have to reshape the rear window area. I am looking at just making a solid panel with a...
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    Will a 5.4L ford supercharged modular motor in SLC

    How much modifications would be required to fit a 5.4L 4V motor with Kenne Bell 3.6L LC supercharger into either chassis? I have a built motor sitting in my garage right now, that was to go in to a different car, but plans have changed for that car. I figure there will be some body work that...
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    Superlight LeMans

    Fran, do you have any new picture of the LeMans you can post?
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    Any Picture's of the SLC LeMans?

    Fran do you have nay pictures of the SLC Lemans of the finished car?
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    New Corvette Grand Am Prototype, Reminds me of the SLC, ALOT???

    Fran did you have anything to do with this, the front looks a lot like the SLC with a few styling changes?
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    Transaxle adapters

    As I am looking to possible use a Nissan VR38DETT motor in a SLC build. I am wondering if there will be an adapter though Griffen for this motor, or if one can be build one. VR38DETT is the base motor used in the R-35 GTR. I have a bare block in my shop right now which is JUN block and...
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    Fuel mangment systems

    Looking for info on different EFI fuel managment systems. I have some experance with the XFI system by FAST. ACCEL Gen7 system was recomended by other source along with there ignition system. I am planning on using this on a Kaase Racing Boss 9 429 based engine. I am needing to know...
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    Question about RCR40

    I am looking at a 429 boss engine built by Jon Kaase, I am needing to know if it will fit with out too many changes to the chassis. I do know it is wider than a stock big block 429 or 460 due to the style of the heads. I find that this old school style engine would look and be a great fit for...