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    Holman and Moody Chassis Plate

    I know there are a few reproduction chassis plate makers out there that make JW Automotive and FAV chassis plates, but does anyone make a Holman and Moody reproduction chassis plate? I have the chance to see the MKII 1015 quite often and noticed it had a HM plate and would like to get one just...
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    T44 Transaxle Casting

    If one was to be able to borrow an original T44 (a long shot) how involved (expensive) would it be to make a mold or cast of the outer case? Once you have that would building the internals still be a challenge or would new parts fit into it?
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    RCR 917 motor options

    K I know the car is set up to accept only the oil cooled flat 6 cyl porsche engines. My question is what years/models were these motors in porsches? Also I know it will vary from the years but what kind of horsepower did they create stock? Can the RCR 917 accept a turbo without any modification...
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    RCR updated their site!

    They updated they site with the 917 and new pics of all the cars except the P4! They 917 looks sweet!