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  1. Mark IV

    Electrical issue SPF GT40

    "Blas" is Blas Costagli who makes the wire diagrams in conjunction with Hi-tech, the factory. The wiring is factory supplied, installer only modify or change if needed for a particular build (EFI, etc.)
  2. Mark IV

    Electrical issue SPF GT40

    Get a wiring diagram from Blas, they are done to your P number and correct. [email protected]
  3. Mark IV


    The cable is usually supplied in the chassis
  4. Mark IV

    Looking for ring and pinion sets for zf 5ds

    Notice that the prices are from 2010.......
  5. Mark IV

    Superformance MKI Sale on BAT

    Correct. Now second/third quarter 2024 for builds
  6. Mark IV

    SPF extra wide body 15x13 BRM wheels

    Franklyn is selling off the wheels/tires as he is not taking delivery of the GT. And there are no Avon CR6ZZ's that fit the wide tail 15x13" wheels. This is a good opportunity for someone that needs a set of 69 Gulf spec wheels in original 6 pin, knock-off specification.
  7. Mark IV

    Error in SPF Wiring Diagram

    Extra switch for I.D. lamps or whatever. My bad, I didn't read "A/C controls. NOT for lights, that extra switch is on the dash. Fingers typing before brain was in gear.....
  8. Mark IV

    GT 40 "Tulip" walnut shift knobs with emblem

    Yes, we do still supply them. Optionally we have a limited supply of Rosewood knobs for an additional $30.00. Specify your thread needed.
  9. Mark IV

    Lucas "608 type" mirrors- New with stem

    All spoken for, thank you!
  10. Mark IV

    Lucas "608 type" mirrors- New with stem

    3 left now and we will do $235.00 plus shipping. When these are gone, they are gone. Not gonna sit on them anymore.
  11. Mark IV

    Shifter knob

    (3) GT 40 "Tulip" walnut shift knobs with emblem | GT40s Yes, 1075 has a wood knob
  12. Mark IV

    Registration Process - Washington State

    RE: "buy a title", don't walk from this idea. Titles Unlimited is long gone due to states and the Feds prosecuting them. All state DMVs are aware of this ploy and it most likely will not work, not mention you being prosecuted for fraud, VIN tampering and more. Here is the WA. process...
  13. Mark IV

    Jokes anyone? -

    Like the local Vet who is also a taxidermist, on his sign it says: "Either way, you get your dog back"
  14. Mark IV

    Superformance GT40

    Mk I or MK II? LHD or RHD? "550 min"? Have you driven a GT40 with 450? 450-475 is very quick. There comes a point where more power does no good unless you are running race tires as you can't put the power down.
  15. Mark IV

    Aluminum Plate over Engine in Superformance GT40MKII

    We have had customers remove this to show off the engine as well as replace it with clear Plexi. It is intended to block heat and keep cooler air fri=om the upper scoops in the engine compartment.
  16. Mark IV


    ZF Transaxle (
  17. Mark IV

    Identify Me Please

    Not a Fiberfab.
  18. Mark IV

    Engine Decals

    No, the road cars used "production" engines that did come from E&F Division so no decal.
  19. Mark IV

    Engine Decals

    Fran Kress has them. [email protected]
  20. Mark IV

    Ken's # 1 paint scheme color code?

    Ford 1966 Acadian blue with Pace car white stripes. Google 1965-66 Ford paint samples