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    Electrical issue SPF GT40

    “Who” or “What”? Blas
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    Error in SPF Wiring Diagram

    Thank you Chris. I was quite sure I had it right on my diagrams. Could have been a design change somewhere along the way. I’ll look thru my “oldest” reference material to try and find a change. Blas
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    Blas Costagli wiring diagram

    Thanks for the kind words Chris. Being that the wiring systems are so complex on these cars, a failure can be difficult to isolate. Hard to do at home in your garage, yet alone on the side of the road. You did some great detective work on your problem too. I applaud your perseverance in getting...
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    Wiring Connectors - Need Recommentation

    Agreed, but if you don't invest in the proper crimping tool for which ever connector system you choose, save your money and just twist the wires and use electrical tape. No connector system will work flawlessly without a proper crimp on the wiring and a problem connection will not be visible.. Blas
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    MKI and MKII Wiring Diagrams

    2 left.... then that's it.....
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    MKI and MKII Wiring Diagrams

    For those of you who have not yet purchased a copy of our MKI or MKII Wiring Diagram. I had a large print job of assorted diagrams done and had 5 GT40 diagrams included in the bunch. I am offering a $10 discount on those 5 copies to anyone in need of a copy for their car or just some wall art...
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    SPF p2348

    Re: p2348 Very nice color combo....Who is doing your drivetrain install?
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    Calling Quaife ZFQ Owners - Speedo Connection

    If someone can clearly identify the chassis numbers requiring an adapter at the transaxle and the part number and source for the adapter. I will add the information to the Wiring Diagrams near the Speedo. The adapter at the gauge is common on many of the SPF cars. This goes for any other "bits"...
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    Superformance GT40 Wiring Diagrams

    Thanks Gus, your Wiring Diagram is in the mail. Blas
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    Superformance GT40 Wiring Diagrams

    Richard, It makes reference to changes made over the production history of the car. There are Service Bulletins available covering the major issues like the blower switch and AMP meter which bring the cars up to date in wiring design. Feel free to contact me with specific questions. Blas
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    Superformance GT40 Wiring Diagrams

    Had it blown up you say.... Guess I'll need to contact my copyright lawyers now... Hahaha. What did your local source charge for the lamination? I considered having that as an option, but the cost was prohibitive. Also adds cost to shipping since a tube would be required. As updates arise...
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    Superformance GT40 Wiring Diagrams

    Superformance GT40 MKI or MKII Wiring Diagram Summer Sale. In order to reduce inventory and rotate printed stock, I will reduce the price of my Wiring Diagrams by $10.00 each for the next 10 orders. The reduced price still includes free shipping (US mainland) - PhotoPlog - View File...
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    AC high pressure binary switch part number

    Sorry this took so long to get answered. The current part number is YL-2121 for the high pressure switch. This info came directly from the manufacturer who also said the "2806AD" number stamped on the part is the Production Batch Date. I sent them a photo of the part in question to get this...
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    AC high pressure binary switch part number

    FYI: Steve White was instrumental in the creation of the Wiring Diagrams. It was his understanding of the wiring and systems and attention to detail that made the diagrams possible. Blas
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    Wiring question

    Red/Yellow wire is related to horn... Black/Green wire is related to Tach Signal or Blower Switch. That took 30 seconds to determine on Wiring Diagram.... Happy to help. Are all your bulbs in their sockets? Switches all in off position? Pull your fuses one at a time and watch your meter... If...
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    Superformance GT40 Wiring Diagrams

    Luca Brasi's final message came wrapped in a copy I'm told. Lance at Hillbank just sent out a email about the GT40 Wiring Diagrams on Friday. Not sure if it went to all dealers or owners or to both. He is always very supportive. Please check your emails for information. Should I start suppling...
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    Superformance GT40 Wiring Diagrams

    Someone just sent me a check for a Wiring Diagram. The check arrived yesterday. Please contact me. Your check was accidently shredded along with other papers. Sorry for the inconvenience. Blas
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    AC Temp pot issues

    Those are indeed the original style pots. They have been replaced with a newer style. I will see what I can learn about them during the week. Would be interested to learn by car number where new switch was used. Back of switch is green on new switches I believe.
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    Instrument lights

    Rick, what did you say the voltage was after the dimmer when you called me again? Something like 11.8V in and 9.8v out? You saw a noticeable brightness in the dash lighting? You can replace the bulbs with higher wattage .... 3.2 or 4.0 if you can find them. LED's are a great option because you...
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    I have found that having a sizable ground wire connected directly to one of the starter mounting bolts eliminates a lot of problems like this. I believe I added the additional ground cable on mu Superformance GT40 Wiring Diagrams. You might also look for loose connectors at the ends of your...