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  1. manta22

    Classic Car Developments Chassis #3

  2. manta22

    Bonneville Speed Week 2022 is a wash out......

    Be glad you had not brought your car or motorcycle all the way from Australia or NZ. It's always disappointing when this happens. BTW, the Utah Highway Patrol loves to catch Suburbans going that fast.
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    Doug’s RCR Jaguar D Type Build.

    Frankly, power brakes don't have the "feel" to allow modulation like manual brakes.
  4. manta22

    Doug’s RCR Jaguar D Type Build.

    The braking performance will depend on quite a few things. The rotor diameters and the brake pad friction coefficient will play important parts. With big rotors and high friction pads, a non-boosted brake system should work OK.
  5. manta22

    flywheel and starter

    Call KEP (Kennedy Engineered Products)
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    Joel’s SL-C Build Thread

    Hmmm...I think I'd replace that round diagonal brace with one made with streamline tubing. It's in the air stream so it would lower overall drag a bit.
  7. manta22

    Gravity Racer, part IV

  8. manta22

    AP mk1 twin turbo

    Luce, With turbochargers, you might not need mufflers. The turbos themselves are very effective in muffling the exhaust.
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    Ermanno Cuoghi

    In his book "Racing In The Rain", John Horsman described Ermanno Coughi as an "enthusiastic helper who attached himself to our team. ...I could not get rid of him when the testing was over." John goes on to say Coughi was a "leftover" from Shelby who came to England driving their transporter...
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    Looking for examples of where to mount momentary door switches.

    I'd avoid those things like the plague. Having 12v exposed on a door jamb where it could be shorted to ground or to another terminal is asking for trouble.
  11. manta22

    Looking for examples of where to mount momentary door switches.

    A reed switch activated by a magnet would work. Those are available for home security systems.
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    Gravity Racer, part IV

    Go fast, be safe!
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    Joel’s SL-C Build Thread

    JK, You could cut round lightening holes in those vertical aluminum panels without losing any significant strength/stiffness. A flange around each of the holes would be a nice finishing touch, too.
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    Gravity Racer, part IV

    Amazingly transparent, Chris. :rolleyes:
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    Lake meade is dead...........................

    Lake Mead drying up completely would occur only if the Colorado River stopped flowing. This river drains the snowmelt from the Rocky Mountains- I can't imagine a year without snow or rain.
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    SPF ZF transaxle adjustment

    1. Take your foot off the clutch pedal so that it is fully returned. 2. Loosen the slave cylinder pushrod adjustment and adjust it so there is about 1/16" of play. 3. Tighten the pushrod adjuster locknut. That should do it. If the clutch does not have enough travel to release after that, you...
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    Gravity Racer, part IV

    That's why you see them on so many cars at Bonneville and El Mirage.
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    Gravity Racer, part IV

    Chris, how about adding "Moon discs" over the wire spoke front wheels? They should reduce drag a bit.
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    Intermittent stalling

    The Carter fuel pump is cooled by the fuel flowing through it. I discovered this when I tried to use one to pump coolant through a diffusion pump. The electrolysis ate up the brush assembly and a phone call to Carter told me why it happened. The fuel actually fills the inside of the motor case...