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    Visit to RCR, thank you Fran!

    Well its been quite a few weeks since down to RCR with my dad, and wow im speechless and all smile. I was hoping to post this sooner but family issues have proceeded. Thank you so much Fran for spending your time with a couple of motorcycle nuts and showing us around the shop. Fantastic...
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    RCR 40 mk2 or mk1 near northern Michigan

    Thank you for the info rod! I will be sure to pm you and set up a time to see your build as soon as i can get down to RCR.
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    RCR 40 mk2 or mk1 near northern Michigan

    Haha will do!! I keep telling myself im just looking and planning;)
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    RCR 40 mk2 or mk1 near northern Michigan

    Hello, im new to the gt40 community here. I was wondering if anyone has an rcr 40 in the stable around northern Michigan that would be willing to show me their project and talk about the process. Im looking for someone that has a mk2 preferably but seeing as the the mk1 and mk2 only differ in...
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    New member!

    Hey there all, my name is cody. Been reading a lot of the threads and am blown away at the support and community on this site. Hoping to start a build log in the next couple of years when i finally pull the trigger on an rcr 40 mk2. Until then ill be reading and planning :) ~Cody