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  1. Stephen Ducker

    Classic Car Developments Chassis #3

    & another !
  2. Stephen Ducker

    Damaged gt40?

    The 'is it real ?' question & the usual kind of answer.... By 'is it real ?' the guy was surely asking 'am I looking at a genuine 1960's Ford GT40 ?' Hell no !
  3. Stephen Ducker

    Damaged gt40?

    Can you share the web link please.
  4. Stephen Ducker

    Great Holman Moody Video

    Don't forget the follow up film which features a lot of Lee's memories. Ref., the above film. It's not accurate to say a Tennant replacement chassis is an 'original' ( Abbey Panels ) chassis from the 1960's. It isn't.
  5. Stephen Ducker

    National Kit Car Show UK

    Established in 1984 & 33 years of TSC GT40 production so far. That's impressive, congratulations Andy ! Steve
  6. Stephen Ducker

    Covid19 vaccine- report your progress

    Covid19 vaccine- report your progress Polite reminder of the original post & purpose of this thread.
  7. Stephen Ducker

    Hello all

    Welcome Cameron, This covers the 'whole story' or as near as damn it. Expensive but a massive book & worth it, in my opinion...
  8. Stephen Ducker

    The Squadron, North Weald (UK) 3rd April

    Agreed and Peter is a GT40 owner too !
  9. Stephen Ducker

    Trip to Circuit De Le Sarthe, Lemans France

    Thanks for posting the pictures Sean. I go every time I'm in Le Mans as there is always a themed temporary display or a change of cars on display. The early car looks like it may be Claude's GT101R ? (R for recreation)
  10. Stephen Ducker

    The Squadron, North Weald (UK) 3rd April

    Thanks for the information. I couldn't make it on Sunday but will try and get along later in the year.
  11. Stephen Ducker

    Good article on the Originals - Including the "failed" MKIII

    May be replacement modern items, as are some of the switches.
  12. Stephen Ducker

    Vic Elford

    Nice article here...
  13. Stephen Ducker

    Vic Elford

    We have sadly lost another one of the great & enormously versatile drivers of the past. 'Quick Vic' Victor Henry Elford passed away 13th March 2022 RIP Vic
  14. Stephen Ducker

    Ford GT40 Anthology - Veloce Sale

    The above book & most other Veloce titles are available at 40% off on 3rd March, World Book Day. THURSDAY 3 March ONLY WHEN YOU USE THE CODE WBD2540 (40% off RRP*) *excludes P&P T & C's...
  15. Stephen Ducker


    Thanks for getting in touch James, Sorry for your loss, Steve
  16. Stephen Ducker

    Lucas toggle switch mom/off/mom?

    So to continue Neil's point you may want to use your switch to operate a pair of suitably rated relays.
  17. Stephen Ducker

    New Alan Mann Racing Ford GT

    Hi Paul, Not the same car, so I don't need the coach. ( Coaches like that remind me of being taken to school too much !) Steve
  18. Stephen Ducker

    New Alan Mann Racing Ford GT

    Definitely Julian ! Seat will need to back a bit for this Steve though. Steve Soper is a much more sensible size for a GT40 than me !
  19. Stephen Ducker

    New Alan Mann Racing Ford GT

    Another car for my Christmas present list ! Regards Steve