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  1. Jim Craik

    Gulf Livery no.6 Le mans

    A little known bit of trivia, the rear deck roundel on P/1075 at Le Mans 1969 was oddly cut off like this model.
  2. Jim Craik

    Superlite LMP-1 @ Pikes Peak

    Isn’t that fun, with a turbo Diesel motor no less. Nice looking racer. Thanks Rob.
  3. Jim Craik

    Cadillac GTP Hypercar Reveal - 2023

    I like it, but as I understand this is a show car and not the final configuration. Both BMW and Cadillac are using the Dalara chassis and the recently released BMW greenhouse does not match this recently shown Caddy.
  4. Jim Craik

    Alain de Cadenet - Gone at 76

    One of my very favorite people, so sad.
  5. Jim Craik

    Avon Tire Pressure

    22 front 25 rear.
  6. Jim Craik

    Superformance MKI Sale on BAT

    I saw a sales price of 217,000. What are new ones selling for now?
  7. Jim Craik

    Wheels Air Pressure?

    Our SPF run 15’ Avons 20 front 25 rear, we are on our fifth set…
  8. Jim Craik

    er, I think the author needs counsel!

  9. Jim Craik

    What’s up with this GT110/X-1?

    Things turned bad.
  10. Jim Craik

    Sound deadening or not?

    P/2264 is a street car, I used Dynamat for noise and bubble insulation on the firewall under the carpet, much cooler and quieter. Also a thick plexy firewall window really made a difference.
  11. Jim Craik

    Show us your GT40!

    Very nice Rob thanks. Where did you find this video?
  12. Jim Craik

    SLC 001 Build

    Hi Rob, where did this nice video come from?
  13. Jim Craik

    All about the RCR LMP1...

    Still working on this project. The RCR LMP body moulds were taken from our Riley Scott Caddy. We have all the original moulds for dive planes and aero tweaks.
  14. Jim Craik

    New GT40 race car build

    Quite an interesting looking project, is that a carbon tub?
  15. Jim Craik

    Street tire question

    Got it new in 2008, over 60k street miles on her. Avon’s are a little expensive but we’ll worth the extra cost.
  16. Jim Craik

    Street tire question

    On my fourth set of Avon’s, wouldn’t use anything else.
  17. Jim Craik

    SLC 001 Build

    Rob, nice seeing you and your ride on Saturday... I love the look, your car is a natural for the Martini Livery. I like the understated look.
  18. Jim Craik

    All about the RCR LMP1...

    Yes Fran, I’d be interested in hearing about how this project played out.
  19. Jim Craik

    Harsh Winter in USA

    Hi Larry, not really the boondocks but we live in the Santa Cruz Mountains. Plenty of ways to lose power.
  20. Jim Craik

    Harsh Winter in USA

    A little over a year ago we put in a 20KW Kohler, we have used it several times, including 4 days last summer... so far it has worked perfectly.