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  1. Ron Earp


    What company is this? H Craft Customs? Maybe a link to the website would be a good idea. I feel your pain. I and many others went through this with Roaring Forties a good while back resulting in folks all over the globe losing well over 3/4 million USD.
  2. Ron Earp 2022 Fund Drive

    Hi Folks, It's 2022 and if you'd told me over twenty years ago that we'd still be an active and growing forum community I wouldn't have believed you. Pretty amazing. And it's also amazing that many of the same folks that were on the forum in 2000 are still active today. Many of us have formed...
  3. Ron Earp

    Cheapest Gas

    Well, what happens when we overlap the price of crude oil with gasoline? Notice the two Y-axis, barrel price on the left gasoline on the right....lo and behold, they very closely mimic each other. With the exception of the gasoline costs lagging a bit behind the drop in crude prices, the curves...
  4. Ron Earp

    Head flow equals horsepower.

    A couple of years ago Hyundai made that worrying about camshaft duration a thing of the past, they invented a variable valve duration system they have in a production car. It is clever.
  5. Ron Earp

    Site is Back Up!

    Well, the sad fact is I am no longer current on what is happening with forum software and hosting servers. I can do rudimentary things but times have changed quite a bit. I've got a contact though that we're going to pay to manage the site. It'll be a bit more of an expense for but I...
  6. Ron Earp

    Site is Back Up!

    Hi Folks, The site went down for about nine hours or so due to a reconfiguration on the server host and a stalled backup system that ran a disk out of space. Fixed now. Interestingly enough, the server going down coincided with me getting domain renewals on a couple of the domains associated...
  7. Ron Earp

    Gravity Racer, part IV

    That's a really neat project. Making wheels is probably something not many people do any longer but seems like it'd be basic technology.
  8. Ron Earp


    Awesome project!
  9. Ron Earp

    Hello from France

    Welcome to the forum!!
  10. Ron Earp

    Hello from Spring Hill, Florida

    Welcome to the forum!!
  11. Ron Earp

    Ole mate logan at it again - Roaring Forties Content

    I suspect those folks visiting the new factory don't know anything of Mr. Logan and the original Roaring Forties company.
  12. Ron Earp

    Hi from Virginia!!

    Welcome to the forum!
  13. Ron Earp

    Ford GT40 Anthology - due 20th October 2021

    Really neat that the book is in publication now!
  14. Ron Earp

    Spitfire tour

    Great pics!!! Thanks for posting them!
  15. Ron Earp


    GOOD idea! We can do that and it's the easiest way forward without disturbing the Registered Users we have.
  16. Ron Earp


    We have a way to fix the spam problem. What we'll do is put in a "Promotion System". So someone who registers here today new will become a "Registered User" but they won't be able to start conversations/send private messages. After that person has made X number of posts then the system will...
  17. Ron Earp

    My baby girl is all grown up!!!!!

  18. Ron Earp

    Craft Performance engine knock

    As someone who has wrestled with a few Holley Sniper installs I can for sure tell you that whoever installed the Sniper HAD to know what the ignition timing was to set that up properly with rotor phasing and so on. That is, if they got it right. Are we sure these engines from KC are...
  19. Ron Earp

    Build/Assembly manual

    Wrong forum fellows.....
  20. Ron Earp


    Congratulations to you! Now every day that ends in a Y in a Saturday!