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  1. Ron Earp 2022 Fund Drive

    Hi Folks, It's 2022 and if you'd told me over twenty years ago that we'd still be an active and growing forum community I wouldn't have believed you. Pretty amazing. And it's also amazing that many of the same folks that were on the forum in 2000 are still active today. Many of us have formed...
  2. Ron Earp

    Site is Back Up!

    Hi Folks, The site went down for about nine hours or so due to a reconfiguration on the server host and a stalled backup system that ran a disk out of space. Fixed now. Interestingly enough, the server going down coincided with me getting domain renewals on a couple of the domains associated...
  3. Ron Earp is Twenty!

    Hard to believe it but the forum is now twenty years old this month. It seems like a long long time ago we started the forum hosting it on a free forum service which I can’t even remember the name of now. We’ve seen a lot of changes in the GT40s industry over the years with GT40 replica...
  4. Ron Earp

    Announcement: RCR Forums Are Moving

    Hi folks, Just to let you know, these forums (including the SLC Clubhouse) will be moving into the Wings, Wheels, and Keels area of over the next few days. There might be some outages while that occurs. All threads and info will be perfectly preserved, however, external links to the...
  5. Ron Earp Reboot

    Dear Member, As you're most likely aware via the recent private message, is going through a reboot of sorts and becoming an advertising free site that will be supported by membership. Our needs to keep the forum in operation are currently relatively modest, around $3.5k to $4k year...
  6. Ron Earp

    The Rules at

    Dear New Forum Member, Please read the forum rules below. If you do not understand the rules then email or PM an administrator for clarification. When you register on this site you agree to abide by these rules. 1. Enjoy The Forum: is a web forum for the hobbyist. A place to stop in...
  7. Ron Earp

    What's Happening Down Here?

    So, what's up in the paddock? Is it open for discussions of all types? What's the current rule set? Seems like traffic has been relatively low down this way.
  8. Ron Earp

    Will There Be a Paddock on the New

    Will there? I don't know. If we didn't have a paddock more than a few of you would have a hell of a lot more time on your hands, that's for certain. I'm a bit conflicted if we should continue with the paddock. If we do have a paddock I want it to be password entry only. And, I'd like for it...
  9. Ron Earp

    Critical Thinking and You!

    An older article on Critical Thinking but very pertinent to The Paddock. 6 Critical Thinking Skills You Need to Master Now
  10. Ron Earp

    The Paddock Poll

    It's lunchtime and I figured might as well have some entertainment.
  11. Ron Earp

    Spam - read me!

    Hi Folks, The forum has been under many changes and development from our older developer, Harry of Magneticat. He's doing a good job and installing updates as well as additional protections against spammers, of which we have an extraordinary amount. Harry has also fixed broken items, like...
  12. Ron Earp

    Editing Enabled for Select Forums

    It is now possible to edit your posts in the following forums: Build Logs RCR/SLC Wings Keels and Things Go forth and fix your broken picture links if you wish and/or are able.
  13. Ron Earp


    Title says it all, how to embed a Youtube video on the forum. Might work with other types of video hosting, might not. Use Youtube. It works. Step One - Find the video you want to embed. Once you do look below the video and click the SHARE button. Step Two - Opening the share window...
  14. Ron Earp


    Alright folks, title says it all. This is the procedure for uploading pictures to this forum and making them appear WITH your post. It cannot make them appear INLINE with your post, that is like a book with text all around it as this guide is, but it will make them appear with your post so folks...
  15. Ron Earp

    Video Test

    Full auto ar15 - YouTube <iframe width="560" height="315" src="" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe>
  16. Ron Earp

    Back to the Future-Ron and Sydney's 1985 5L Mustang Build

    I've been off for many years doing lots of things, mainly racing. Last year I managed to win our SCCA SARRC points racing series with my SCCA ITS Mustang. So this year I'm talking a bit of a break and doing other projects. Good thing too, because my daughter turns 16 in several months and she'll...
  17. Ron Earp

    Waiting for Registration Approval? Read Inside.....

    Hi Folks, When you join the server sends a REGISTRATION CONFIRMATION EMAIL to the email account you used to register. YOU MUST CLICK ON THE LINK IN THIS EMAIL to be confirmed on the site. It works. Yes it does. We know it works because new people successfully register here every...
  18. Ron Earp

    I figured maybe I should make a post down this way since I have a feeling some regulars here don't know the SLC subforum exists as part of Anyhow, there is a fund drive going on to support the site software overhaul. We've got just enough collected to cover the licences and...
  19. Ron Earp

    New User Registrations

    Starting immediately all new users will have to be approved by an admin. We've had a rash of spammers lately, all with Pac Rim/Russian domain registrations, so having a human approve them should take care of the problem. New users, make sure you click on the registration email for verification...
  20. Ron Earp


    So all politics are contained in one thread? How is everyone liking that?