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    FS USA Stainless Megaphones

    These are stainless megaphones purchased in 2017 from Olthoff racing for $450. They have 100 miles on them. A little mild staining but no dents and welds are good. $325 plus shipping
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    FORD decal

    Does anyone know where I can locate a FORD decal in Wimbledon white that would fit in the blank rocker space of an SPF?
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    SPF Alternator

    I’ve got an electrical problem that's cropped up this summer. I noticed last year that there’s a constant drain on the battery so that if I don’t leave it on a tender, it’ll drain down over 3-5 days. I foolishly ignored this, planning to get to it because it was driving OK. I did a little...
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    2 ZFs for sale

    Just an FYI, there are 2 ZF transaxles on BAT today.
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    FS USA GT40 Center Caps and Heat Shield

    Set of 4 aluminum center caps. I bought them used but have never used them myself. Retail $150. Will sell for $110 shipping included CUSA. Holman Moody Heat Shield for GT40. Comes with all hardware. Brand new never used. Retails for $325. Asking $300 with shipping included CUSA.
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    4-Wheel Alignment Systems

    Wondering what others have used for 4 wheel alignment. I would prefer to do it myself, as most shops are probably not going to do it right. I've looked at Tenhulzen's 4 wheel alignment system and, while it's complete and seems quicker than a true DIY system, I'm concerned it might be a bit...
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    EU/ETSC Speed Limiters

    How about a break on climate change......It appears the EU Parliament will likely approve the ETSC recommendations on speed limiters on cars sold in the EU. I'm curious what my UK and European colleagues think of this? Volvo seems to want to get out in front of it and be a champion. How much...
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    I'm now in a phase of hooking up sensors. There is an oil and coolant sensor (first picture) and an oil pressure sensor (a plastic tube). Coolant temp sensor goes into the intake manifold (second picture). Not sure where the oil pressure sensor should go. Dennis gave me an adapter for the...
  9. J

    ZF Fitting

    Does anyone know what type of fitting this is on the top of the ZF transaxle (in flipped position in an SPF)? I want to put an external breather on the transaxle and I can't find what kind of fitting this is. It doesn't seem to be an NPT.
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    Better watch out for French Customs

    It seems French Customs must have had a slow day....
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    Unable to post to SPF

    I'm unable to post to my thread on SPF and yet, unfortunately can continue to post on the political page in the paddock:furious: Can this be reset to allow me to post again?
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    FS USA Motor Mounts

    These are brand new Energy Suspension motor mounts for SBF. Never used. New they go for $168 at Summit. Looking for $120 OBO plus shipping
  13. J

    Oil/Coolant Temp Sensor

    I'm trying to plumb the oil temp sensor of a SPF into my oil line. The coolant and oil temp sensors are mechanical. Looks like the coolant temp sensor will plug into a boss on the intake manifold so that should be solved (yet to try it). I was planning on putting in a -12AN T fitting into the...
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    Back up camera

    Lots of posts on other headings, but wondering if anyone has experience with this backup camera I like that it's a simple license plate bracket and not a separate camera. They do have an OBD II to 12V adapter so it's doable with an older car. I don't want a...
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    Plug wires

    I know, boring topic. I need to find some plug wires for a 302 that won't interfere with the bundle of snakes. Going into a SPF. Does anyone make a set pre-cut or is it better to do it myself. Also, any recommendations on brands. Years ago, I remember Magnacor was recommended to me...
  16. J

    SPF p2348

    And so it begins......
  17. J

    Spark plug wires

    I'm planning on using a 302 with Dart aluminum heads. Any clearance issues with standard length spark plug wires related to the headers?
  18. J

    Round Fog lights

    This is a shout out to those of you with SPF GT40's with round fog lights. Any regrets on this choice? I know it results in the low beams doing double duty as blinkers but any issues otherwise? The lights on these cars are not overly powerful and I thought the round fog lights might add a bit...
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    I'm running a 302 with Holley carb (maybe Webers some day) and an MSD small diameter pro billet distributor. I was originally planning on getting the MSD 6AL with an HVC II coil. I noticed they have an MSD 6AL-2 digital ignition that essentially allows programmed timing across the RPM range...
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    MN Registration

    Has anyone registered a SPF in the lovely tax-addicted state of MN? If so, please PM me!