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  1. AllanSLC

    FS USA Race built LS7 Sold

    This engine was pulled out of an SL-C that I am putting an LT5 into. Ferrea Valves Weisco Pistons and rings. Bored 27 over with 30 over rings filed down, the compression is stock at 10.5 :1 Comp dual springs Aviad single stage dry sump pump Clevite bearings It still has the titanium rods The...
  2. AllanSLC

    ***SOLD Superlite GT-R for sale ***SOLD

    Completed Superlite/RCR GT-R Built by Allan LS376/525 hp engine, runs and idles beautifully Graziano trans-axle Drop gears available (not installed) Spec Clutch Mid-rise air intake Canton baffled racing oil pan Coil pack covers Headers, mufflers and cats Infinity Power Box wiring system Raptor...
  3. AllanSLC

    Race Tail wing uprights

    Does any one have a set of race tail wing uprights that I could "borrow" for a couple of months so that I can finish up an SL-C? Please PM me if you can spare them for awhile. Thanks, Allan
  4. AllanSLC

    Shift knob option

    Finally a shift knob option that will fit our and any other shifter. Raceseng Home
  5. AllanSLC

    GT-R ready for the streets

    Here's an overview of my Superlite GT-R licensed and ready for driving. I have been working on it since May of this year and just the interior needs finishing.
  6. AllanSLC

    GT-R ready to go

    Here's an overview of my Superlite GT-R licensed and ready for driving.
  7. AllanSLC

    Allan's GT-R First start

    I have been working on MY GT-R and it has progressed nicely. I'll be posting pictures of the build but I wanted to share its first start.
  8. AllanSLC

    SL-C Superlite Coupe LS376/Ricardo for sale **SOLD**

    Here's the first of 16 SL-C's that I have built up for sale. I have upgraded it along the way. Here are the details: LS376/480 engine Ricardo 6 speed transaxle with double clutch Nitto high performance tires DigiDash gauge Back up camera and monitor Racelogic traction control Custom...
  9. AllanSLC

    Le Mans unveiled

    <a data-flickr-embed="true" href="[email protected]/21403799594/in/dateposted-public/" title="lemans 4"><img src="" width="2048" height="1536" alt="lemans 4"></a><script async...
  10. AllanSLC

    Build Videos

    I have over 100 SL-C build videos currently on my You Tube account that have been viewed over 120,000 times. I am about to embark on my 9th SL-C build and before I do I would like to see if there are any areas that were not covered in them or some that need more clarification. There needs to be...
  11. AllanSLC

    Can't go anywhere without this happening...

    Went out for dinner tonight and it was a good time to take my SL-C out for a drive. Of course we sat at a window table to keep an eye on all the people that would stop at the restaurant to look at the SL-C. At least 25 people stopped for pictures and you could read their lips asking each other...
  12. AllanSLC

    Would you like to go for a ride in my SL-C?

    Forecast for last weekend was for up to 18" of snow in an early season October snow storm. So I decided that I needed to get out and go for a fall foliage drive before I would need to strap some skis on. Brought along a camera to capture the sights and to give everyone an idea of what it is like...
  13. AllanSLC

    What do you think for a SL-C color?

    Here's what I'm down to for color on my SL-C, bright blue with dark accents, Viper blue with lighter accents or the orange with black accents. What does everyone think?
  14. AllanSLC

    SL-C #50 Allan's Build

    So just in time for the New Year I made the 13 hour drive from <?xml:namespace prefix = st1 ns = "urn:schemas-microsoft-com<o:p></o:p> <o:p></o:p> For anyone contemplating making the trip to RCR it is well worth it to see all the cars, projects and to spend some time with Fran and his staff...