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    Rcr 962

    I was looking at the RCR 962 a few years ago, The engine combo that fits is the Corvette C6 drivetrain minus the driveshaft. I manged to be able to get the Car to fit all the Connecticut state laws (of which there are many) except for two; Headlights, which are under the min height rules and the...
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    Brake pressure valve needed for clutch?

    Another important piece of information, Disk brakes take 2 psi valves and Drum brakes take 10 psi valves.
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    Scotts build thread

    "Longtail" mid-engine cars are difficult to get right. While there are good aerodynmic reasons for doing it, most times they end up looking added on. The McClaren F1 longtail is a good example of "added on" look. The same with the Porsches, although the 917 LT was as curvy as the rest of the...
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    Scotts build thread

    Here is an article on how the aircraft homebuilders do plastic forming.
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    RCR's Next car should be.....

    The new website turned out very nice!
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    Fixing America’s Surface Transportation Act

    I stand by my original statement, as purchased they are not street legal in the USA. They have no DOT approved equipment such as windshields, lights, safety belts, etc. Can you make them street legal? Probably, but expect to shell out quite a bit of money to do it. Also, do not try to import...
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    Fixing America’s Surface Transportation Act

    While I do agree with you that the US may be easier in some respects as opposed to some countries, we have the national laws, and then we have rules state by state. What flies in one state will get you denied in another. It can be a crazy hodgepodge for home constructors, and good luck when you...
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    Scotts build thread

    The little vents look good and match the "stealth" look to the front. The radiator exit vanes really add to that look also. Its turning into a mean looking machine. I like the flat black look, not sure if that is what you are going for in the end, but the Aventador looks really good in flat black.
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    Fixing America’s Surface Transportation Act

    <A href="" name=toc-HCBD578DA152244D0BDEC7EF1C42D030B>Interesting reading in SEC. 24405 of the act "Treatment of low-volume manufacturers". The act allows for certain exemptions in...
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    Scotts build thread

    Rather than add blisters to the smooth lines you created in the front, why not run a NACA duct? It will be flush and less noticeable. Run them on the inner side underneath those winglets.
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    Eric's SLC Project Code Name "Grifter"

    With the sale of the SLC, I think many will miss your build blog. However there is a cure for that and that is to build every Kit that Fran makes and write about it:) That will keep us entertained with your adventures for years!
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    SL-C Approach angle?

    Maybe a little more than a little more money. JRI makes them, the single adjustable are $5600.00, add another $1000.00 for double adjustable. Of course that is a 4 corner system, a 2 corner would be less. Ride Height | JRi Shocks
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    SL-C powerplant possibility?

    For those that haven't seen the /DRIVE interview with Tom Nelson (of Nelson Racing Engines) on the LS series engine.
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    Fuel Filler Neck Options

    You can thank Jack for this post #16 back in 2012: Okay guy's and gal's, here you go: If you have the 2.25 inch OD Sparco filler nesk you need the following inexpensive parts from your local Autozone, etc.: Gates fuel fill hose 24717 (90 degrees) Gates fuel fill hose 24713 (45 degrees) one...
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    Inclose cockpits of F1 and Indy cars?

    Unless the racecar is run by remote control, there will always be risk and death. Regardless what safety equipment added, anytime you take a machine or a sport to its edge, it can and will fail. sky divers, motorcyclists, aerobatic pilots, mountain climbers have deaths every year. Risk can be...
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    Steering column pinouts?

    Ken Roberts build, post #252 has the pinout charts. I find using Google search can be used when the site search will not work. Add the search term: after your search input. I used it like this...
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    Here is the street legal version for a little less........ $1.85 Million Maserati MC12 For Sale in U.S
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    Eric's SLC Project Code Name "Grifter"

    Thanks for the great video, was fun riding along with you.
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    RCR's Next car should be.....

    Considering that Ford, GM and Chrysler offer V8's in a range of new cars, I think its Ford using the 2016 GT to showcase their Ecoboost engine rather than some plot to rid the country of the V8 engine. I would further posit that CAFE standards and emission rules have forced the carmaker to...