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    MSD Repairs

    What Randy said. My 6AL crapped out after 1 year of use. Sent it in and total charge was $65. Their testing will take the guess work out and your time is worth way more than what it'll cost you to get it fixed.
  2. J

    My baby girl is all grown up!!!!!

    Congrats Doc! Nothing beats being a proud papa
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    FS USA Stainless Megaphones

    Paul, $405 including shipping. PayPal is [email protected] I will package and send this week. There is some chance that US Postal service charges more when I go to ship (the estimate I gave you was on line). If it’s just a few dollars I’ll cover it. If it’s more than $20 I’ll let you know...
  4. J

    FS USA Stainless Megaphones

    I still have them. PayPal to [email protected] If you give me your address I can get a shipping estimate to you before you pay
  5. J

    FS USA Stainless Megaphones

    Yes, they are made for a Superformance but Olthoff constructs them. They are correctly pictured above. Over the past 2 years there are a few stains but that would polish out nicely. More importantly the welds are good and there are no dents.
  6. J

    FS USA Stainless Megaphones

    3” diameter openings and 2 feet long
  7. J

    SPF p2348

    Bruno got a facial over the winter
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    FS USA Stainless Megaphones

    These are stainless megaphones purchased in 2017 from Olthoff racing for $450. They have 100 miles on them. A little mild staining but no dents and welds are good. $325 plus shipping
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    FORD decal

    Thanks guys. Rick mentioned Raceline too. I'll call them tomorrow to see if they make the FORD letters for the rocker sills in Wimbledon White. If not, I'll be in touch Brian! Thanks.
  10. J

    FORD decal

    Forgot to add. It’s a MkI
  11. J

    FORD decal

    Does anyone know where I can locate a FORD decal in Wimbledon white that would fit in the blank rocker space of an SPF?
  12. J

    SPFMK2 Coil over swap

    Can’t remember exactly but $4000 comes to mind. I’d contact him for a firm price
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    I've used Evans with no regrets. It's a bit pricier but I think you'd be hard pressed to find a coolant that will outperform it. It also doesn't need to be changed.
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    Dave Morton

    Very sad to see this. RIP Dave Morton and may God bless. You will be missed here on earth, but there's no redline in Heaven so let 'er rip
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    SPFMK2 Coil over swap

    I went with Olthoff supplied coilovers. They’re primarily for the track but the car rides surprisingly well on the street.
  16. J

    FS USA Serpentine Pulley Assembly

    I think that's Olthoff's design. I have it on my car (SPF GT40 P2348. Works great, very low profile. That's a really good price too.
  17. J

    SPF Alternator

    I’m looking at this Hot Rod article from last year: This makes me think the black wire from the GT40 should be going to the green/red “I” wire on the alternator, the blue wire from the GT40 goes to nothing, and...
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    SPF Alternator

    I’ve got an electrical problem that's cropped up this summer. I noticed last year that there’s a constant drain on the battery so that if I don’t leave it on a tender, it’ll drain down over 3-5 days. I foolishly ignored this, planning to get to it because it was driving OK. I did a little...
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    toggle switch ID tags

    I purchased labels from ebay from this young lady. amandbol-7. You can specify whatever you want, which is a huge advantage as far as I'm concerned. Tim Terry also used her and the labels are very inexpensive: Here's...