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    brm 17" wheels

    I have a set if you're interested.
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    Anyone ever used Stack Injection ITB setup?

    Thanks Chris, What did you end up doing? When I spoke to my mechanic, he mentioned that the Weber EFI changes the sound of the motor. I’ve got a pretty aggressive sounding 427 Windsor, and I don’t want to lose the sound. I’ve been doing a little more digging and think I will go with a Holley...
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    Superformance wheels FOUND

    I have a set of 17s BRs. Mounted and balanced. Mint like new.
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    Lighting upgrad

    Here's a shot of the new halogen lights over the sealed beams. As you can see, they're pretty bright. There is a disadvantage, since the halogens have a blocked tip while the R2's are fully clear. Phil, I haven't forgotten the taillamps, I'll post them after next weekend.
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    Lighting upgrad

    Thanks Phil. I ordered from both and and they each shipped and delivered quickly. You're right, I didn't want to increase the draw, and felt that the headlight upgrade was worth sacrificing a bit of brightness from the foglights. In addition, while the amp draw of...
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    Lighting upgrad

    I've done a little research on changing the bulbs to get a little better vision. Has anyone had success upgrading their system? The Osram 7951's 45w/40w are insufficient for night driving. They draw 51-57 watts with 860/675 lumens I was able to track down a 60w/55w bulb at It...
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    Cool on a hot day

    I'll have to try that Jim. I've been considering an insulator since, even with the a/c, the heat is pretty bad. I have also removed most of the padding from behind the seat...which might also be a contributor.
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    Just Got decals on... waiting for engine...

    Hey Dave! Car looks great! Love the's like the number 6 car...but it's...a...7!
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    Ground clearance

    I've had this problem with my car. I have 17" wheels. With the shorter sidewalls and a bit smaller diameter (315/35/17 rear 215/40/17 front), it lowered the car about another 1.2 inches. I am having the bellhousing trimmed, the front suspension links shortened, raising the car an inch, and...
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    Hi Richard, I know that you were considering a skid plate to protect the bellhousing on your...

    Hi Richard, I know that you were considering a skid plate to protect the bellhousing on your car. Were you able to fabricate one? I am considering that or if it's possible, adjusting the suspension to gain some ground clearance. I went to the 17" wheels and lost an inch. I just can't bare to...
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    SPF MKI, Bellhousings and all the other little stuff!

    Sorry to ressurrect an old thread...but I outfitted my MKII with an RBT and 17" wheels. The wheel/tire diameter is now 25.7" instead of 28", so I've lost >1" of ground clearance. Richard, I know that you were considering a skid plate to protect the bellhousing. Were you able to fabricate one...
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    Pocono CSD

    Mark, When you're up at Pocono again, let me know. I have a place in Jim Thorpe. Looks like it was a fun time. Michael
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    Tire suggestions

    Hi Kevin, "Is 215/45/17 wide enough for the front ????" My first answer, not unless you want to have some semblance of a turning radius...but realistically, I guess it all depends on your model of GT40. I tried the 235/45/17's first and they scrubbed the well, but ending up with...
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    Tire suggestions

    Alan, you're right, it does sit a bit lower due to the 17" wheels and lower profile tires. They're Goodyear Eagle F1 GS-D3 size 315/35/17 and 215/45/17. I lost about an inch of ground clearance. The stock 15" tires are about 26.6" diameter, and the F1's are 25.7" rear 24.6" front. The advantages...
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    Tire suggestions

    Thomas, Have you considered 17's?
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    seat grommets

    Dave, I've had the same issue with mine. I haven't had a minute to try to glue them, but disappointing nonetheless. Michael
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    My new GTII

    Dave, thanks for the invite....l don't live too far, but I don't think I'll drive it in the salt, so maybe in Spring. Steve, they are addressing the seat. They are going to remove some padding and are looking into memory foam as an adjunct to the seat foam. As others have mentioned, it's...