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  1. TA152

    ERA Mk I for SALE ***SOLD***

    ERA Mk I 2087. Period correct FORD Guardsman Blue with a Racing White painted side stripe. This is an LHD ERA stainless steel monocoque model with built in roll bar. This beautiful Mk I example has front canards and adjustable rear air spoiler. This is NOT a wide body car. The car is...
  2. TA152

    RETURN of member

    I've been a member since 2008. I own several GT40's. I've had a little problem with my eyes for a few years and finally got things straight. Good enough to get my medical back for my commerical/instrument flying license (rotor and fixed wing). So I'll be around the website and will be listing...
  3. TA152

    Government take over of bussines in sa

    Did anyone see (or hear) of and announcement today (yesterday) that the South African government voted to take over certain businesses in that country? Seems something happened in 1652 they are upset about. I wonder if that includes Superformance?
  4. TA152

    What do you think about adjustable tail spoilers on Mk1 cars and do you have one?

    Is it only for those Mk1s with front canards? The MkIIs have them, but usually no front canards.
  5. TA152

    The Death of Dr. James (Jim) Fletcher

    I thought many of you who knew of Jim would like to know of his death. I'd been trying to reach him for several weeks via his cellphone and email, but didn't have any luck. I remembered to call his periodontist office in Clovis California and after some explaining who I was, and why I was...
  6. TA152

    Are there really this many people with birthdays on January 1st?

    Look below the Paddock, are there really this many people with birthdays on January 1st?
  7. TA152

    Reference "the rules of politically correct speech"

    I'll address this to those in the US who own weapons, does anyone own a FN 5.7 pistol? How do you like it pros and cons? Thank you in advance. Santa.
  8. TA152

    PORSCHE and AUDI to limit cars at LeMans

    I just read in WSJ, that the two German manufactures were going to reduce the number of entries at the LeMans race in 2016 because of VW woes. Share the pain as VW sales fell 27%.
  9. TA152

    ALJAZEERA reports thousands protest in London

    Reported today, thousands protest against air strikes against ISIL while UK MPs discuss. Watch and see how the vote goes. Factual news reported through freedom of speech.
  10. TA152

    That fellow from Black Mountain

    The fellow from Black Mountain that somehow ended up in Colorado had a cabin (hut) and lived 1 valley (2 ridge lines) from my home. I'm just happy the news report didn't use Asheville as his home. Also, as noted by the local law enforcement, he had issues and not religious beliefs.. I think...
  11. TA152

    London-Brighton Run on Chasing Classic Cars

    Did anyone watch the season opener of Chasing Classic Cars May 5th (last night)? I've followed this interesting parade of cars over the years with envy and appreciation of the support staff that it takes to get the show on the road. Great history of the event and 400 automobiles, some 125...
  12. TA152

    Another story on why Asheville is new destination..

    I received my new issue of Popular Mechanics yesterday and there was yet another testament about people discovering Asheville, NC. Oh please, stay away from 'Freak City'. Don't bring your California, Colorado, or Florida thoughts on how to improved our lives here. I was born and raised here...
  13. TA152

    Speaking of hot wires...

    Last Sunday as we were returning home on the Blue Ridge Parkway, I was turning the blower switch down from high to medium and noticed how hot the panel was to the touch. So hot you couldn't keep your finger tip on the metal panel plate. In the low or medium position all was normal. I talked...
  14. TA152

    2015 mustang

    I went the 50th Birthday Anniversary for the Mustang in Charlotte this past weekend. Have any of you seen the new design? If you get a chance, see it in person...the pictures don't do it justice. 1,964 special built cars with R VIN numbers to offered. 1 of 1 convertible to auctioned for the...
  15. TA152


    David, is it Limoncello making season?
  16. TA152

    Charlotte Spring Auto Show April 5-6-7

    Anyone going with their Superformance auto to display center field?
  17. TA152

    Only in Australia....California next?

    I just read (on the net so it must be true) Australia's National Health and Medical Research Council say that children can no longer blow out candles on the birthday cakes at school because doing so spreads too many germs. What are you feeding those children? Is this a result of Vegemite...
  18. TA152

    What are you doing to your gt40 this winter?

    Tired of looking at the same threads day after day? What are you doing with your GT40 this winter? Any new additions? Maybe get rid of the VW horns or improve your lights. It is a good time to check for leaks using a drop light inside the cabin. Found one around the windshield arm (a big...
  19. TA152

    Circuit of Americas-tickets

    Anyone had any luck with buying tickets for the F1 race with the pre-sale link of the past two days? I've tried and tried and only found the cheap tickets.
  20. TA152

    seating at Circuit Gilles Villeneuve

    For those who have been, which section is best for viewing the Canadian F1 in June? Yes Speed does offer the best viewing, but the wife wants me to take her to Montreal. Silver 15, 21, 24 or just go for the Gold sections. Thanks all Grady