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    GTD40 for sale **SOLD**

    1986 GTD40 registered for the road September 2001 5300 miles on the clock Ford Torreador Red MOT until June 2019 Engine: Ford 350 Cleveland manufactured September 1973 in Broadmeadows plant, Australia Head: Iron 2V closed chamber quench heads Stainless steel valves Hardened seats...
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    Miracle Carb

    I have a Holley carb with 1850S stamped on the airhorn which makes it a model 4160. However,sometime in it's life it's been converted to a model 4150 presumably by using the Holley 34-6 kit. I say presumably because the secondary metering plate has been swapped for what looks like a metering...
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    Wedding lift required

    Six months ago a friend at work asked me if I would drive him to his wedding in my 40. No problem. So last Saturday we had a dry run from Farnborough to a place just outside Petersfield. I ran him down there and back to his house and then I drove back to my place. The engine had sounded a...
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    Speedometer problem

    Just before Christmas my Stewart Warner speedometer started playing up. When starting off for the first time in the day the speedometer wouldn’t register the speed although the odometer would ratchet up the miles. After a couple of miles it would start to register and then it would be OK for the...
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    Polyurethane bushes for GTD

    One of my jobs over the winter will be to replace the squidgy rubber bushes in all the standard A arms of my GTD with polyurethane bushes. This must've been done before but a search of the forums doesn't reveal any postings. So... Are there any readily available parts that I can use or do I...
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    Great Western Kit & Car Builder Show

    Westpoint, Exeter, November 18 & 19 Anybody going?
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    GTD front Anti-Roll bar

    I've been experimenting with the suspension on my '86 GTD and I've come to the conclusion that the front 16mm anti-roll bar serves little purpose. Driving with the bar gives only a miniscule improvement over driving without it. I've been lent a 20mm bar (thanks Malcolm) which really improves...
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    Fitting a rear bulkhead window in a GTD

    Now that I've obtained a new bulkhead window the time has come to fit it. The old (broken) one came out a treat but does anybody have any tips on fitting the new one? I'm thinking DIS (Do It Someone else) might be the best tip!
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    I'm organasing a go-cart session at the newly (re)opened Aldershot track for Thursday the 13th October. If you're interested please add your name to my posting in the GT40 Entusiasts Club section, it'll be great for a little friendly rivalry!
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    Following on from February's highly enjoyable karting session I'm proposing to organise a karting meeting one evening in mid-October at the recently reopened Aldershot venue. This will coincide with the time of year in the northern hemisphere when we have to put our toys away but before we have...
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    Le Mans picture

    A friend of mine went to Le Mans this year and has taken a great photo of a GT40 with the number plate RAL 7H. Apparently this guy stole on to the track somewhere near the Dunlop bridge and had managed to get a little way before the stewards managed to stop him. If the driver wants a picture of...
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    Rear bulkhead window

    Anybody know where I can get a rear bulkhead window for my GTD in the UK? Alternatively, what are the current regs so that I can look into getting one made?
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    UN1-013 5th gear

    I'm told I can replace the 5th gear of this box with the 5th gear from a UN1-08 box , as used in the Renault 2.5 V6 turbo, in order to give a ratio of 0.76 rather than 0.82. Has anybody done this or have any other 5th gear swaps?
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    UN013 transaxle rebuild

    I have recently acquired a UN013 transaxle (in bits) which being a hands on kind of guy (which is shorthand for "can't leave anything alone but gotta pull it apart to see how it works" etc, etc) I'd like to overhaul and upgrade. Is there any info out there (apart from the ubiquitous Haynes...
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    One of the good guys

    I recently had a front brake seizure which destroyed all of the rubber in my front suspension. (See Brake Seizure ) My local autofactors were only willing to sell me complete ball joints, track rod ends etc when all I needed was the dust covers. Unfortunately the guys at my nearest Ford parts...
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    Brake seizure

    The front two callipers of my GTD have just seized onto the disks. They must've been very good brakes as the front locked solid and the back wheels spun! The radiant heat has damaged all of the rubber parts in the suspension so I need to know where these parts were sourced from. I believe my GTD...
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    Water pump

    Anybody out there (hopefully close to Basingstoke, Hants) been rebuilding their 1970 onwards 302/351? What I need is a water pump. It doesn't even have to be working as all I want it for is it's housing though it must still be watertight.
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    Water pumps

    Does anybody know whether the water pump on a 351 Cleveland has a standard bolt pattern? I've just removed mine and it looks exactly like the water pump on my '71 Mustang.
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    Rear deck plexiglass

    The rear deck plexiglass(?) of my GTD is warping, presumably from the heat build up when the car is standing still. Does anyone know what material this is made from or where I can obtain another one
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    Tall drivers

    I've recently bought a Mk1 GTD and thought I could live with the (unusal) pedal position but after a brief time with the car I've come to the conclusion that either I need to join a yoga class or I need to resite the pedals. Since I would rather spend time with the car I've searched various...