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    Exhaust End Baffle Removal Question

    That's my next question, I heard the megs on idle and its quite a sound. (I'm certain that is how they were original 60's race ready). I guess my next question is if I take out the exhaust wadding/perforated pipe inside the silencer, would it sound like the megaphones? Or would it be different...
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    Exhaust End Baffle Removal Question

    Has anyone ever removed the baffles from the inside exhaust end (see model in the pic) ? Just curious how it sounds at idle and running through gears, and if there's any performance gain?
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    Owner of GT40 MKII 2 BLK on BLK, 427R Located in the USA South Florida. Safir Spares
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    Need advice to build pair of race muffler slip on’s

    Why would you want to change that? Are your neighbors complaining or is it for racing noise restriction? Just Curious. Because that looks to me like it sounds like it should.
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    Question on Checking Oil

    Is the car level? You should get an accurate reading hot or cold. Understandably Oil travels to oil cooler etc, etc.. But let the experts answer this one, I'm just an owner of a MKII but this is what I do and reads perfect. If you let it sit overnight, the first reading discard, wipe off and...