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  1. saxoncross

    FS EU LeMans Grill sets

    Back by popular demand……& a site supporter Firstly, I’d like to thank the people who’ve offered their support, as I try and help them with their builds. Secondly I’m only looking to supply these parts, as there’s a genuine interest in the what I’ve done regarding quality. I previously supplied...
  2. saxoncross

    Renault UN1 - Background

    Hi all, came across this intersting article on the use of the UN1 transmission in the Esprit, written by the Esprit Platform Manager at Lotus Cars and thought I'd share to a wider audience Regards, Andy
  3. saxoncross

    Restoration & Motoring blogs

    Hi all, I’ve recently was put onto this restoration & motoring blog, which covers mainly the restoration of a Lotus Esprit, a Range Rover and a camper van. However what makes the difference and worth spreading the word is the level of editing and commentary, including interviews with interesting...
  4. saxoncross

    FS EU Renault UN1 Transmission (UK)

    Originally from a Renault 21 Turbo, it was rebuilt by Chris Cole 3000 miles ago and fitted my ‘40. It has been replaced due to a loss of oil, which damaged a couple of bearings and an upgraded transmission being available I had to use few parts in my refit (input shaft sleeve & reverse...
  5. saxoncross

    GT40 - Norfolk Photo shoot

    Hi all, Thought you might like these. I was out with a local photographer who specialises in motorsport and automotive over the weekend, which resulted in the following dramatic shots, which I’m really pleased with. He already posted them on a digital photography site and won the weekly award...
  6. saxoncross

    Ford GT40 9-hole Grille – Le-Mans Style

    Hi all, Following on from a couple of requests from forum members, I’ve done a few more grille sets. See link below to original posting. They are as before, but the peripheral fixing holes...
  7. saxoncross

    Base Ignition Map Required - Ford V8

    Hi Guys, I’ve getting close to starting my engine (Ford 302, Edelbrock heads & mild cam & 8-stack throttle bodies, Specialist Components ECU, which uses a speed vs throttle for mapping). The engine will be going on a rolling road to map it, but I could do with a basic ignition map as a starting...
  8. saxoncross

    FS EU GT40 9-hole Grille Set – last set!

    Hi all, I've one set left over from my original batch if anyone is interested. Link to original advert as below: Price & details as before I’ve also had a couple of requests for the...
  9. saxoncross

    GT40 9-hole Grille Set – Gulf Le-Mans Style

    As covered in my build log, this is a replica of the grille set used on the Gulf spec ‘40’s. They are designed to fit the replica bodies from Tornado, Southern GT, GTD, KVA, GT Forte etc using a Mk1 style rear deck, however there’s no reason why they won’t fit a genuine ‘40 Laser cut from...
  10. saxoncross

    Use of Poly-bushes in a Tornado, GT-Forte, GTD etc.

    I’ve currently got Rally Design Poly-bushes fitted to my chassis and after recommending them to John Christian, an issue has arisen, specifically around the use of the bushes in the rear suspension. See previous post...
  11. saxoncross

    Door Seals

    Following on my issue selecting the correct door seal, (See 228 in build log), I’ve been looking at what is available. The current design has a 15mm sealing bulb and I can get a smaller one with a 13mm sealing bulb, but I concerned even this will be too large. In its uncompressed state, the...
  12. saxoncross

    Tornado Front Suspension

    To Andy Sheldon: Last night you posted (which has now been locked / removed or deleted), that new stronger front wishbones have now been introduced to overcome the known issue of the lower wishbone either bending or breaking. As a Tornado owner I’d like to know exactly when the new design was...
  13. saxoncross

    IVA – Rear Light Requirements

    I trial fitted my rear light clusters (usual GT40, Lancia Stratos etc units) last night and realised that the mounting surface is not vertical (15 degrees from vertical). I’d previously understood / read that they had to be vertical for the IVA, however after re-reading through the IVA manual I...
  14. saxoncross

    Renault Trans: Clutch Master Cylinder

    Hi all, The general considered opinion seems to be that the standard Renault master cylinder is to large and should be sleeved down to give a better feel/pedal travel. The question is: what diameter new piston/seal should be used and from where. I've access to a machine shop so I'm looking to...
  15. saxoncross

    Kit Car show @ Stoneleigh this weekend

    Hi all, Is the club planning to hold the AGM again on the Sunday? I'm planning to visit on the Sunday, anyone else going to be there? Regards Andy
  16. saxoncross

    GT40 Silencers

    Hi all, after realising that meeting package constraints and noise requirements for a GT40 will be a challenge, I’ve been researching what would be a feasible solution.<?xml:namespace prefix = o ns = "urn:schemas-microsoft-com<st1:place w:st="on">UK</st1:place> silencer company to manufacture...
  17. saxoncross

    New IDA throttle bodies

    I previously posted that commissioned a set of IDA throttle bodies from AT Power for my 302 engine The attached is the first photo of the bodies back from the machine shop. Launch of these is at the Autosport Racing Car today. These will be available from: Throttle Bodies | Throttle Body...
  18. saxoncross

    Ford 302: Induction Ram Pipe lengths

    Hi all, <?xml:namespace prefix = o ns = "urn:schemas-microsoft-com</o:p>
  19. saxoncross

    IVA – Brake system Requirements

    Following on from a previous posting on my build log (see below), I contacted the local IVA test station and they stated that if I turned up for the test with the re-usable type fitting on the aero-quip brake flexis on the car they would fail, as the design uses a sealing olive. However after...
  20. saxoncross

    Std 302 Rocker Ratio

    Hi all, I’m currently rebuilding my SBF 02 engine, 1974 vintage. I have the standard rockers, which I believe the ratio is 1.6:1 Can someone confirm that I’ve got my facts straight <?xml:namespace prefix = o ns = "urn:schemas-microsoft-com<img src=" /><o:p></o:p> Regards<o:p></o:p> <o:p></o:p>...