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    Cutting hole/shape in Back Window

    I would also suggest using painters tape or such. One to protect against scratches, it also helps to hold the put together as you cut it out. The other suggestion is to support the rear window as best as you can to reduce the amount of movement. The last suggestion is to use a drill in the...
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    SLC 24 Howard Jones

    Nice work, protecting the lights from road trash and moisture. Do you have a seal of any type on the cover panel? Enjoy watching your progress.
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    Has any one looked at or used MiMod HP system?

    Gen IV is servo controlled, Gen III and earlier are manually controlled.
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    EPAS (Electric Power Assist Steering)

    Has anyone used or looked at the DC Electrics different units they make and sell? Electronic Power Steering | Suspension & Steering | Motorsport | Home | Demon Tweeks Here is one place that sells them, there are other places in the US also. Not sure if a retrofit unit is required or not for...
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    GT40 picture on trailer

    Here is a quick photoshop of one idea. Not sure what you are looking for.
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    GT40 picture on trailer

    Here are two pdfs the trailer style is with the car only out line or a blacked out version also. The other pdf is of the Ai style file I have that I can change as needed also for other options if you would like.
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    GT40 picture on trailer

    yeap you are right, sorry about that. I have gotten several vector drawings from them to do layouts for vinyl wraps in the past.
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    GT40 picture on trailer sells drawing with 4 views of a lot of cars. It is also in the right formats for designers to use for vinyl wraps, if that will help you. Use the vector versions as thy are better, but you do have to pay for them. Just have to remember the are drawn to scale and will have to be...
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    Fatal GT40 Accident - Please tell me this is not Toms RCR GT40

    Praying for Tom and keeping his family in my prayers also.
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    New Videos of Stacey's Gears up on youtube
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    Rumbles SLC Build

    Nice '33. Have fun and be safe.
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    GT40 Ordered!

    If possible, have the engine delivered to Fran, along with your transaxle. So they can be fitted there. Will make one less step for you and they will make sure everything lines up right the first time.
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    GT40 Ordered!

    LoL. Yes, I have heard that before. Of course, I never want you to put my work to the test. I was happy when they brought the Grim Reaper back, I spent the most time with them. Good luck on your build and will let this thread get back to normal posts.
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    GT40 Ordered!

    Congrats on your order Rich. I have looked at a RCR40 MKII and a SLC both, hoping to be able to order one myself in the near future. Will be looking forward to your build. Which squadron where you with? VF-101, VF-1 and HC-8 for me. PR-1, before I got out a few years ago.
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    SLC 24 Howard Jones

    Nice work on everything you have been doing.
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    Headlight installation help needed

    Here is another place that you can get HID projector headlights. They sell both regular style and bi-xenon units which are for hi/low use in one unit. Along with other assorted parts if you want. The Retrofit Source online: headlight upgrades for all applications
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    Rumbles SLC Build

    The end plate or side shift options that CA Motorsports offer look like nice options and would clean the back up nicely as different option also. This way you would not have to worry about cutting the mount off.
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    SLC Aftermarket Seat Option

    Missed them then, II know they are pretty popular with the Pro-Touring builds. Which is where I saw them. As we are working on a build with a friend that is using a pair of them.
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    SLC Aftermarket Seat Option

    Here are some more seats that I found, most are 36" tall so they may fit. Cipher Auto!, Automotive Parts Accessories & Universal Racing Seats From what I have heard from the PT group, they are pretty good seats.
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    Grant's SL-C Build tread

    Great work so far.