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    Tornado builders facebook page

    Hi all. I am Craig Perry, based in the uk. After much deliberation I have decided to build a GT40 based on the Tornado kit, I am guessing it will take up to ten years and I hope it will be a family project for me and my two boys (currently aged 2 and 3). Now all I need to do is get my Cobra...
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    GtForte chassis viewing please

    It looks like it's finally happening, if everything goes to plan, in two weeks time I'm going to view an unfinished GTForte chassis with a view to buying it. Would there be anyone within half an hour drive of Redditch, Worc's with a GTForte (or similar) willing to let me have a look at their...
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    New Chassis, just don't know which one

    So, I'm planning on ordering a chassis this summer but I'm still undecided as to which one. The shortlist is Tornado, Southern GT or GT Forte. I think I've decided that my power will come from a Ford Mustang 4.6 V8 DOHC Engine And Audi 01E gearbox, I have seen a complete package for sale from...
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    Looking to order chassis this summer

    Technically I'm not a newbie having posted here about two years ago, but since then I've sold my 2nd Cobra, started building a third, got divorced and had two kids !! I'm hopeful that this summer I can place an order for a GT40 chassis. Just need to decide which. On my list I have Tornado...
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    hello, are there any builders local to me?

    This is going to open a can of worms I know, but here goes. I'm currently the owner of an AK427 Cobra Replica with a Chevy LS3 engine. This is my second Cobra build having built and sold a Pilgrim Sumo a few years ago. AK Cobra by craigrperry | Photobucket After a drive out this weekend...