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    RCR40 shifter mounting bracket

    Hi all, After considering several different ideas I had seen on the forum on how to mount the RCR40 shifter (LHD), I decided to design a slightly different solution. It mounts the shifter flush with the passenger side of the spine and it sits a 1/4" higher than the top of the spine to permit...
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    RCR40 Dash covering? Anyone know?

    There is a 2016 RCR40 for sale today on Bring A Trailer. I noticed these pictures of what appears to be a textured vinyl/leather covered dash (along with stitching on the edges). Car is being sold in Texas. Does anyone know who does that covering of the dash? Or perhaps the builder of the car...
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    RCR40 - Help with dash fit and placement - AC vents

    Hi all, I'm at the point of assembly where I'm beginning to drill out the openings in my dash and I started with the holes for the AC vents. However after cutting them out and placing the dash back on the car it looks to me that my dash is sitting too high. The top of the hole sits about 1"...
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    RCR40 Handbrake?

    Hi all, I've reached the point in my RCR40 build where it's time to install the handbrake system. I have read some posts here indicating some disappointment with the system, that it isn't strong enough to pass a safety check, etc. I've already drilled the two holes to snake the cables into...
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    Mounting RCR Adjustable Slider for Wilwood Pedal Assembly

    Hi all, Getting ready to install this assembly in my RCR40 and have some questions. Has anyone installed it on their build? Thanks! Chet
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    Building a RCR GT40

    Hello everyone. Today I put down a deposit with Fran at Race Car Replicas on a MK1 GT40! As much as possible this will be a father-son build with my son Adam. I've been lurking on this forum for number of years while trying to make a decision so it only took me 5 short years to decide to...
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    Getting title and registration in Florida?

    Considering buying a RCR GT-40. Would anyone have experience getting one titled and registered in Florida? Any issues? Thanks! Chet
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    Any RCR - GT40's in South Florida?

    Thinking seriously of ordering a GT40 from RCR (spoke to Fran and very encouraged). However I'd like if at all possible to see one in person and talk with the owner about their build experiences. I live in Miami - are there any RCR GT40's near me? I'm willing to drive a few hours if needed...