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    a/c wiring on a GTD

    I wonder if anyone has the wiring diagram for the a/c side of the GTD? I am referring to the original installation, small condenser on LHS of car in engine bay (now being thrown out!), with a binary pressure switch. I am in process of upgrading the system but am a bit in the dark over the...
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    Le Mans Classic tckts for sale, plus parking

    Due to a forced cancellation, I have a pair of admission tickets for the full weekend, including paddock, available for sale. I can split and sell one set only if there is interest. Also available is a GT40 area parking permit for the full weekend.
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    max safe revs from a 302

    Just wondering... I bought the car a while back, and cannot get detailed info on the engine internals. Moderate power (250), 4-barrel Holley, conventional valve gear. Of course max revs will go well past peak power, but on our lovely deserted Scottish roads :-), I'm just wondering how high I...
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    Cable connections on the UN1 gearbox

    People, I have just fitted a new UN1-013 box to my GTD, and am wondering if anyone has any guidelines on setting up the cable connections, please? I have found some very brief setup instructions for the Lotus, but frankly they are not much help, other than to infer that the setup is rather...
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    Comparative gear ratios in UN1-013 & UN1-07

    I'm still busy researching alternative gearboxes for my GTD (engine is a 302). I have narrowed the choice down to two, both based on the 3.44 final drive. The UN1-013 was originally specified for the 21 Turbo. The other box, UN1-07 was specified for the Alpine Turbo. The boxes are very similar -...
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    Tuning the Ford 302

    Peeps, I need to educate myself in depth concerning how the 302 functions, and how it can be tuned. I have dug about for suitable documentation, but frankly have not been impressed so far. Perhaps you have found just the book - do let me have your recommendations! Thanks Peter
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    GTD gearing

    I have had my GTD/40 for a little while now, and have always felt it was seriously under-geared. So this week I went out onto a quiet stretch of road and made some measurements, road speed as indicated by GPS versus engine revs, in increments of 1000rpm. The results are attached - a screen shot...
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    Preferred engine oil?

    The topic must have been covered, but apologies, I couldn't find it. Any suggestions for a mildly tuned 302 with hydraulic tappets and a high pressure oil pump (75psi)? The issue for me is whether there are oils which can stay in the sump for extended periods. The car doesn't do big mileages...
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    GTD wiring diagram

    I am starting to get deeper into the wring on my GTD, but am hampered by what must be the 'n'th photo-copy of the original hand drawn wiring diagram. Although the circuit lines are still decipherable, much of the text has vanished into a black sludge! Does anyone have a decent quality wiring...
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    GTD steering column

    People, I have a 1989 GTD, and am in process of changing the steering wheel. But I have a problem - not sure where the steering column was sourced from on this car. I need that information to get the correct steering wheel boss. Mick at Southern thinks, but is not absolutely sure, that the...
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    Looking for William Levens III

    It is not obvious where I could have placed this note, so I am ready to stand corrected! Whatever, here we go. I'm trying to locate William. The only connection I have is that he bought a GTD in probably 1990, coloured white and blue (not sure if this was white with a blue stripe, or vice...