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    Its that time of the year, next weekend is FORD CARLISLE. At building T we will have a table set up with books and banners and all kinds of things. Along wih autograph sessions with Camilo Pardo and Lee Holman! Come on down. GTJOEY1314
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    GTJOEY STYLE! Lets make this interesting and FUN! A one way 3,000 mile plus run from Southold New York to California! Not a race , I will DONATE $10,000 To the new GT owners charity of choice that we both agree on! All the new GT has to do is make it under its own power............. I will take...
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    Ford Gt an American Icon

    Happy Holidays’s that time again Amazon has the old Ford Gt books discounted as they are almost sold out All my books go to help feed and clothe homeless vets on Long Island Thanks for looking Ford Gt The Complete Owners Guide and Around the world In a Ford Gt “almost” Thank you Gtjoey1314
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    Around the world in a ford gt / amelia island

    I received a wonderful phone call yesterday from Co writer Marcie Cipriani. Amazon has picked up our second book for distribution around the world as they did the first book! So, "AROUND THE WORLD IN A FORD GT" will be for sale at Amelia Island along with the original book FORD GT THE OMPLETE...
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    Ford gt show to air in france/africa and japan!

    If all goes to plan, FORD GT AN AMERICAN ICON, will be airing in France, Africa and Japan! The six part series was fun to do and I hope there will be more in the future. Look it up soon it should be available sometime in June, July GTJOEY1314
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    Ford GT An American Icon.

    Hi all super car experts my very good friend Gt Joey, the GT Godfather along with myself with 4 others have this great series starting in November. Gentleman Start Your Engines!!! Go Baby Go!! The Ferrari GT40 wars start again!!! Here is the link...
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    Indy 500

    Im driving the GT once again from N.Y. to Indy and back . I will have a police escort into the track once close, anyone else want to jump in! 2,000 miles for 3 days.......:thumbsup:
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    Amelia island concours

    Yours truly has been invited to display, donate and sell his GT BOOKS, at the event. Its a proud honor. So come on by.......... GTJOEY1314
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    Ford GT: An American Icon - TV Show

    Check out this upcoming multi-episode TV series all about the 2005-2006 Ford GT. The show will air later in 2015, dates and times will be announced this summer! You will see some familiar faces - Ford GT engineers, builders, owners and historians and of course the original GT40 will be featured...
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    Gt40/ford gt banner

    Guys, got an email today, go to the Ford store on line or They just issued a limited edition banner with the GT40 and the FORD GT. Looks real neat, I was proud to do the original layout, never thought they would use it for a wall banner. Im not good at links and posting sorry for...
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    Around the world in a ford gt

    For the holidays , I have some of the above books left from the original print. If you call Marcie at 1 570 971 4839 you can have a signed copy for 50 dollars all in. Any veteran or returning veteran can have a signed copy for 40 dollars. All proceeds I will forward to the NORTHPORT VETERANS...
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    Around the world in a ford gt event!

    Most of you had the opportunity to see Chris and I as we traveled around the globe in our 2005 FORD GT. Now the book will be released MAY 17TH 2014, at THE BOOK REVUE IN HUNTINGTON LONG ISLAND. 2PM TO 4PM We expect 200 people and a party at my house afterwards and over 40 GT's to boot. All...
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    GT104 Orignial enjoy the party

    Here is GT104 in all its glory at the 50th Anniversary in Dearborn Michigan.
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    Let the detroit party begin! - gtjoey/nardo

    Enjoy Cars In Context - Episode #14 "Ford [email protected] HoF" - YouTube GTJOEY
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    Gt40/ford gt / gtjoey event

    Well, Im offering 2 spots to a private "AROUND THE WORLD IN A FORD GT" event we are having in detroit with Ford. I will have Mose Nowland and Lee Holman as guests and many others. T.v. crews, magazines and all the rest for 3 days in August. Your group fromEurope was kind to us driving thru that...
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    Around the world in a ford gt | trailer

    Guys, Trailer to the GT40 documentary that will be coming out soon. Thanks for all your help in Europe and Classic LeMans. | Around The World In A Ford GT | Trailer - YouTube
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    Bob bondoraunt gt40

    Guys, Tom P. from autosport design has purchased as is selling Bobs original mark 1 gt40...Looks great with the shelby blue and number 72 on the side..... I cant post pics but if someone wants they can post from the web site....neat air damns under the front fenders.... Looks very expensive...
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    Thanks Tony and Max

    After meeting Tony and the rest at LeMans , I promised to join the official club.Just recieved my magazine and club number....Thank you again for a wonderful time.....gtjoey1314
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    Ronnie Spain's Book

    Ronnie, is the book done, ILL BUY IT! Enjoy and keep smiling .. gtjoey1314
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    Alan Mann passed away

    Just recieved an email, forward to Lee Holman that Alan Mann has passed away, he was 76....................big loss for the GT40 community.......GTJOEY1314