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    LMC 2022

    fantastic wasn’t it, I’m parked to the left of you
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    Nicks Forte Scratch Build - to Stunning Mk1 GTD

    Bloody love that photo, Yisa has a career in photography ahead of her…
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    New registration query - MOT status

    this is quite normal, mine was the same. I got a reminder a few weeks ago telling me my tax would not renew as my MOT was due to expire so they do sort of know but just don’t update that field for some reason?? Just remember to get it done in three years and you’ll have no problems.
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    Phil's AK40 build log

    Agreed, AP’s all round in mine and the pedal is solid and the brakes are bloody marvellous once warmed up (did you give them time to warm up?).
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    Tips or Suggestions For Removing UN1

    As morten says, it’s an easy job has mine out only a few weeks ago, an hours work. That said it prob depends on the car, I believe (correct me if I’m wrong) the whole lot needs to come out on a Tornado? Now that would be a lot more of a PITA…
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    Mostly passing thru

    Just PM’d you regarding the parts.
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    UN1 Gearbox Issue

    What do you mean Frank, It can only go two ways can it not? Is it bearing removable from the carrier or bearing behind the carrier ??
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    UN1 Gearbox Issue

    Blimey, mine are obviously very well worn too, it really makes you wonder what constitutes a gearbox “rebuild” then doesn’t it…. I was certainly not informed of any issues with mine either
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    Lucas toggle switch mom/off/mom?

    Like this?
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    GTD loom repair or replace?

    I think the SGT loom is pretty close to the GTD one if not a direct fit.
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    Plumbing diagram needed for 8 Stack Webbers

    Is this still a thing, I reckon nearly every post above this one has posters with user names that are not their real name? Unless of course Big Foot is someone’s real name in which case I apologise…:p
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    Souther GT Loom - Dash Illumination

    There are not enough laughing emoji’s available to give a response to this…
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    MSD Distributor gear choice

    Fair enough but my experience is the opposite, realsteel always seem to be awaiting stock from the states, not been to either so from a mail order point of view the location is irrelevant or at least it was pre-brexit, that of course may have changed things.
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    MSD Distributor gear choice

    Much better service and price from Gooze IMO.
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    MSD Distributor gear choice

    I got mine from Gooze, excellent service and reasonably price and fast shipping. Enjoy fitting it, it’s a bugger of a job. Make sure you have a bottle of MAP and a freezer...
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    Weber 48 IDA Kits in the UK - Prices OK?

    It’s easy with an older (pre 72 I think) block as visual smoke only.
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    I got through with a Holley 750 on a 347 all ok, it is doable, needed to warm up first though.
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    What gearbox ?

    100% this, speak to Lee Jones, they are the official Quaife dealers and offer great support.
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    That’s interesting as I passed without those reflectors on mine. Very well done though, a great feeling isn’t it. look forward to seeing it finished.