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    Mclaren mp4-12c

    Has anyone here on the forum driven one and what is your opinion if you have? If you own one what problems have you had? Comments on performance, maintenance, comfort or anything you like or dislike please voice your opinion.
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    The unloved 456 Ferrari

    After much debate I choose to purchase a 1999 Ferrari 456M GTA, I narrowed the possibilities to the 456M just because of price, they are giving them away compared to what they where new. It was either 612,575,550 or the 456 occupy the space from my recently departed GT40.:bigcry: The lines of...
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    Jacket from Mario

    We have a home in Norcal as my family is still there and on my last visit got to spend some time with my nephew who has a transportation company in the wine country, hes a member of a wine makers group that gathers for major events in the Napa Sonoma region. After spending a month working on the...
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    New energy drink from the UK

    Leaving the Bahamas today, I found this new energy drink most refreshing to bad we can't get it in the states:laugh:
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    SPF GT40 MKI P2164 for sale *SOLD*

    I've made up my mind, the car is for sale. 13k miles M1 ZF-2 Mcleod twin disk with lighten flywheel gear reduction starter Dart aluminum block 427 cu in bypass thermostat with 55 GPH electric water pump Polycarbonate see through air cleaners TWM throttle bodies Electromotive TEC2 EFI MSD DIS4...
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    FS USA for sale or trade all aluminum motor

    My engine Motor only, no clutch, flywheel, starter, or accessory drive parts. Dart aluminum block 351W 4 inch stroke 4.125 bore 427 cu in comp cam solid rocker rollers K1 Technologies (carrillo) forged crank and rods no info on pistions AFR 225 heads TWM throttle bodies Electromotive TEC2 MSD...
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    Cam change

    For some time I've griped about having two much HP, this summer I plan on going over the car in preparation for the up coming 50th anniversary event and plan on a cam swap, not to make more HP but decrease it, I've ridden in many GT40s but really enjoyed riding in Richards car which I think is...
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    Be prepared to laugh

    This is great! Rolling a Reliant Robin - Top Gear - BBC - YouTube
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    Electromotive TEC 3 6/12

    ELECTROMOTIVE STAND ALONE ENGINE MANAGEMENT SYSTEM I bought this on ebay thinking it was for a V8, my mistake, its a 6/12 (6 cylinder full sequential or 12 cylinder semi sequential). Can be used on 6 cylinder single or twin plug or 12 cylinder single plug. I have used and installed many TEC...
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    drag strip

    This is the second time I taken my car to the drag strip, I went with a couple friends that have the new Challengers with blowers on them, they are relentless on trying to get into the 10s, if I knew what I was doing I think I might have been able to do it. I only made one run (no burn outs) as...
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    First ride in a GT40

    In this video is my sons new girl friend, she wanted to go for a ride so I took her out on a local road I use for testing. I asked "how fast have you been?" she said 140 MPH to impress me I think. Turned up the wick a little. :) Michelle first ride in GT40.avi - YouTube
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    Who all is going to be there and where? Richard and I will have our cars at the baha cantina Thursday night.
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    New type turbo

    Have any of you heard of this new turbo?. No oil lines or cooling lines, self contained oil and cooling system, no waste gate to mess with, just bolt on, sounds to good to be true. Not that a GT40 needs a turbo but for other projects I see many benefits. If anyone has experience and would care...
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    I just bought an app, it's called taptalk and made for iPads and such devices, a couple other car forums are on the list but my favorite is not. .?
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    Not my GT40 but pretty cool

    I know I haven't ran my big mouth in quite some time but this is what I have been working on for over a year now, I have owned the car for almost 20 years but had a few exhaust valves melt at 28 PSI boost in 2000, pulled the engine and then got distracted with something else, its been on my...
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    Monterey 2012

    Howard had mentioned a get together this year in northern California, I am thinking of bringing my GT40 to Monterey this year so Rich and Richard will not be the only ones with cars. Who is planning on the Monterey event and is anyone interested in a wine country cruise before or after the...
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    How much $ to run 24hrs Daytona?

    I was speaking with a friend of mine who has asked me to compute to the best of my ability the cost of running the hrs of Daytona, he and some of his colleges are interested in putting together are charity entry. Where would a person get such information? How many of you know others who have...
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    Longest distance trip in your 40?

    Just curious how many of you all drive long distance, I have had several 400 mile trips and the longest in one day was 685 miles. I know Richard had done over 3000 and other than a dead deer had no problems. Chime in! 9400 miles roughly on my speedo. Jack
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    Who's going and is there a general meeting place? Mike Drew are you going?
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    What a great idea! | Minneapolis and St. Paul | KARE Video Randy you know something about this? Wonderful idea!