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    KVA Type C Mk1 Build Log 943motorsport.

    :laugh: Robin, sounds awesome!! Good job, what sort of power are you looking at from the engine, and when do you expect to be finished for IVA? A Happy New Year to you and yours, all the best for 2014.
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    KVA Type C Mk1 Build Log 943motorsport.

    Robin, you have been doing some hard work on the old girl, looking really good, well done. Best of luck with the engine start up, always a decisive moment, and pretty scary.
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    Clarkson in original GT40 video

    If you notice, the in car shots when he is driving it, the windscreen wipers are not going. Outside shots they are going like the clappers, but you cannot see who is driving it!
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    Hey, it's an R, meaning race? it's for effect, like not coming off the track and flying. Its mean and effective, you ain't going to go that fast on the road so no need for the spoiler. JMHO
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    Me too!!
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    GT40 Startline Crash at Goodwood Revival 2009

    I was there, did not see it first hand but on the big screen. No explanation as to what happened. What a shame for the damaged cars. Already planning next years visit, fantastic time, don't miss it.
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    Garage Flooring - which design?

    Small blue!
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    KVA Type C Mk1 Build Log 943motorsport.

    Looking good Robin, keep up the momentum!!
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    Hello from Tasmania.

    David, welcome. I am just 13 miles from Launceston, Cornwall, UK!! Enjoy the forum, it's a wealth of knowledge and nice guys. Cheers Murray
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    Chassis colour - Silver/grey or Black?

    Well I like the Silver/Grey, looks a bit more ....professional ...if you get what I mean, clean and well finished. Murray
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    Ron's Birthday

    Many Happy Returns Ron.!
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    KVA Type C Mk1 Build Log 943motorsport.

    Canton do "pans" as the Amercans call them, there are others but I cannot remember them at the moment. Bit expensive though, unless anyone out there has one they have spare? You never know!! Cheers Murray
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    KVA Type C Mk1 Build Log 943motorsport.

    By the way Robin, you will have to change your avatar now, Iv'e done mine! :sad: Murray
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    KVA Type C Mk1 Build Log 943motorsport.

    Good luck with it Robin, glad you got back with her safe and sound. I flinch every time I go in the garage now she's gone! I'm sure you will do her justice. All the best, Murray
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    I'm So Excited!

    Wow David!! A lot to live up to now!! Well done all.
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    Do you remember ?

    Nice Carp, my first ever was also a Carp, but one my Dad put on the line whilst I went off for a P.!! I was always out fishing as a kid. Tight Lines Murray
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    I was there earlier this year in Havana and Varaderos but as I do not smoke, I did not bother with bringing any back. We did visit a cigar place, very interesting. Did drink and buy lots of Rum though Cheers Murray
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    Another friggin rattlesnake!!

    :laugh::laugh::laugh::laugh::laugh::laugh::laugh::laugh::laugh::laugh:Budgie smugglers!??!! :laugh::laugh::laugh::laugh::laugh::laugh::laugh::laugh::laugh::laugh::laugh::laugh::laugh::laugh::laugh: That got me!! Laugh, I nearly p*?**d meself!! Murray
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    Workshop warning

    Wow, lucky man. I am sure going to read all labels just to check. Good post Simon, thanks, regards Murray
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    Goodwood breakfast club Sun 2nd

    I will be going to the Goodwood Revival (suprise birthday pressie) on the Sunday 19th Sept, but not the breakfast, sorry!