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    Jimmymac & Alistair's Cars

    I know mine is not correct, does not match the period photos, but it is close enough for me. So, on the perforated cases was the back light globe external to the case? I think on mine, the globe goes inside the case?
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    Jimmymac & Alistair's Cars

    My CVA gauge is completely different and has a plastic housing. Mine Jimmy Mac's
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    Jimmymac & Alistair's Cars

    That's a good photo of the red bezel on the gauge. I remember reading a while back on here that it was possible to paint the inside of the gauges to make them look like the originals. That does not seem to be the case with the CAV gauge. What were the Smiths gauges like? similar with the red...
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    gt40p/chassis #1029

    30 Fair Dinkum Aussie Slang Terms You Need To Know | Wake Up Hostels however, I was using rooster in reference to it looking a bit older and original in comparison to the usual young upstarts I do really like those wheels on that car that you posted Jimmy. Wish I could find some like that.
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    gt40p/chassis #1029

    good looking rooster.
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    Ford GT40 Anthology - due 20th October 2021

    agree, multiple crib sheets for multiple GT40s. I certainly had similar thoughts when reading it......I cant decide on a particular car to replicate as there is not one in particular, above the rest, that screams out to me.
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    Bought some machine tools

    So YouTube channels on the topic that I am subscribed to. In no particular order. (note some maybe more maker based, still some interesting projects in there) (2057) Clickspring - YouTube (2057) Clickspring Clips - YouTube (2057) eccentricengineer - YouTube (2057) mrpete222 - YouTube (2057)...
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    Rear clamshell measurement

    mine (KVA based body, not sure on lineage of how it made it here or what it was pulled off) is still sitting inside the mold, so its a bit hard to get an accurate measurement. From the top edge of the mold to the inside edge of the window looked like about 110mm, hard to get an accurate...
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    Rear clamshell measurement

    sounds like fun, Have you got a build diary Devin? i can get a measurement of my untrimmed KVA based rear clam shell a bit latter for you. regards Ryan
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    Australia, Land of the Giants

    That's a long way from Melbourne. Karlu Karlu / Devils Marbles Conservation Reserve - Wikipedia
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    Australia, Land of the Giants

    195T I can understand. I have a 40% grade that I’m signalling for at the moment. It’s currently classed as a momentum grade. Ie if the train has enough run up, it can crest the grade. There are no signals on the grade, so no reason for the train to stop on the hill. If I needed to put a signal...
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    M6B Tragic

    is that 4 trailers connected to one prim-mover? do they call the trailers "dogs" or "pigs" up there?
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    Blip Shift 24hrs GT40/Lemans sale.

    Just noticed that Blip shift have some Lemans themed titles up for grabs today/for the next 24 hrs. Car Shirts and Apparel for Enthusiasts | blipshift
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    Original Mk1 Wiper Blade.

    Yes. The Boeing and most aircraft run at 24V. The Boeing wiper arm as well as the “wheel box” were used.
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    Original Mk1 Wiper Blade.

    lol, post more stuff then!
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    Original Mk1 Wiper Blade.

    Could some of the parts not be 3d printed these days. they are 3d printing lugs for bicycle frames and f1 suspension parts. I am aware of this company, which makes some high end parts for complicated structural assemblies. Should be lots of places in the UK that could do it as well. Additive...
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    I have one as well. Not sure how I will go about connecting it up. Ryans Group Ten GT40 build - Body 5. | Page 3 | GT40s from memory the trip distance push button had a square shaft and the cable for the speed input was triangular in cross section. Would be good to know if the Quaife has a...
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    RF or DRB Windscreen

    As Troy has said. They are an importer/wholesaler of windscreen into Australia.
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    Chassis drawings book in the works...

    My copy arrived down under yesterday. It was print number 60 of the 365 being produced. I hear that the number sold was getting quite high, certainly in the high 200s. I have had a quick look through the book and am very happy with it. What a treasure.