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    Blip Shift 24hrs GT40/Lemans sale.

    Just noticed that Blip shift have some Lemans themed titles up for grabs today/for the next 24 hrs. Car Shirts and Apparel for Enthusiasts | blipshift
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    Steering column controls.

    Just doing a bit of research here. What are my options for a small neat stalk to hang of the side of the column. I know the originals just had a headlight flash switch on the column and nothing much else. The indicators and headlights were on another stalk/switch mounted in the dash If...
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    GT40 Re Brick

    LEGO MOC 10295 Ford GT40 by firas_legocars | Rebrickable - Build with LEGO interesting.
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    Finding the GT40 Drawings - YouTube

    Finding the GT40 Drawings - YouTube
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    Inside Abbey Panels in the mid 60s?

    Does anyone know if there are any books that cover or show photos inside the original Abbey Panels factory Abbey Panels - Wikipedia I wouldn't mind seeing what the factory was like inside, interested to see what tooling was there when they made the GT40 tubs. Ryan
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    P1003 steering column stalks

    Anyone know anything more about what they are from Photos were listed as being on GT40 P1003
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    Gulf 1076 Blue ID nose marker light

    Just noticed this in a few pictures today. Never heard it discussed. any idea what it was from? Presume it also matches the blue on the market light on the rear clip?
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    Ford Windsor 302 CAD model (3d Scan) as well as other 3d scans.

    Hi all. I recently came across a website that has a bunch of 3d scans of engines. They have a Windsor with an O1e in there, could be of use to some others here. There is a bunch of other auto related 3d scans as well. Things like suspension, seats, wheels ect. The website with the 3d Scans...
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    Orders and Shipping post Covid.

    Orders and Shipping post Covid. How is everyone else going with their projects. Just had an order arrive today, for something that i ordered a month to the day ago. ie Ordered 21-08-2020 and its just turned up on the 21-09-2020 been in the postal system for the entire time, and it only had...
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    Radio Lemans 2020 tuning in whilst i work today
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    Gelscoe at Phillip Island Historics meeting in 2014

    just come across this now.
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    Wondering about the evolution and placement of the wiper motor?

    What wiper motor did they use in the early cars? Was it still the 6WA? Where was it located when the spare wheel was fitted in the nose, ie P103 during Daytona in 1964? When did it move to the location in the spare wheel recess? Did they use a 2 speed version of the 6WA? The DR series of...
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    looking for a Lucas parts catalog, circa post 1960 ???? ie 1960 to 1980

    Hi all, just wondering if anyone can point me in the direction of a Lucas Automotive parts catalog from the mid 60s. I am aware of revision "e" that goes up to 1960, I would like to see some of the details and part number for the dates post this as I am trying to hunt down sources of parts for...
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    Crossover fuel tank system

    Curious if there is a known list of cars that had this installed? the ones with the 4" cross link between the side bag tanks that ran under the drivers knees. Chassis 1040 which is a MK I had it. Chassis 1046 the MK II lemans winner had it. presumably chassis 1015 that Miles drove in the 66...
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    Ford Vs Ferrari Soundtrack

    Just seen this on Spotify
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    Victorian registration requirements as of 2019-07-31

    Have just come back from the clubman car club meeting, and was told about some certain news regarding the emissions testing in Victoria. Has anyone else heard anything. fingers crossed. (I don't want to add it here (or anyone else) in case we are wrong, as i cant come back and edit it later...
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    C8 VETTE

    I know it due to launch latter today, anyone know if its likely to have a manual transmission option and if the transaxle will work for the GT40? C8 Corvette
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    Can you tag or name images?

    is it possible to add tags, descriptions, names to images as they are uploaded? might help find things at a latter date.
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    Purple GT40s

    Has anyone got any photos of purple GT40s or a suggestion for a purple that would look good on one? Ryan
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    Rear support hoop upper shock/spring mounts

    Has anyone got any good photos to share that show how the original shock mounts were done. It would be great if you could share the chassis number featured in the photo. I realise that this area was continually evolving over the life of the chassis. A photo of the early ones that had the 1”...