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    British Car Day Sept 18

    Looks like fine weather for the British Car Day in Oakville, link: British Car Day Always a great show and Angelo will be there with is CAV 1075. Come on down!
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    Cav 1075

    Here's some pics of Angelos CAV 1075 since extensive modifications were done including conversion to right hand drive, right hand shift, single Monza cap and crossover fuel system. I used Professor Peabodys' "Way Back Machine" to locate original pics. Angelos car was the first CAV GT40 in...
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    Sale ending soon

    Hi guys, if you scroll down to the my posting for CAV Series 100 Performance Parts, oh here's the link; you'll see we have a discount price on our fabricated steel uprights. We now have these...
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    Are Black and White pics better?

    Just having some fun with the camera today and tried a couple in BW. Seemed more vintage in a way. What do you think? Either one makes a great screen background:) Is there a way to post the full size file? Cheers
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    Talbot Mirrorrs

    Well I struggled with whether or not to put the mirrors on the fenders or doors. We had them on the fenders before on this car, put door mirrors on Chris' car #72 in BC and they looked great. Those were composite mirrors with contourable bases, the Talbots weren't happy about going on the...
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    CAV GT RHD Conversion

    Here's some pics of the right hand drive conversion recently completed on our CAV Gulf GT. Fortunately, by starting with a blank upholstered dash we were able move some things around and accomodate the fire extinguisher control as well. Cheers
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    New Build

    After all these years of posting parts, responding to questions asked and finding a better way to build these cars, we've decided to make available the ultimate spec CAV GT40 for the Canadian market. As work progresses we'll post pics of efforts and really neat bits going into this car. More...
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    heads up

    Hi Guys, In case you haven't noticed there are new sale prices on Series 100 performance parts on my thread in Vendors Announcements. Also new products being added this week. Cheers Ian
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    ZF Shifter Kit

    Hi Guys, I need some help here, just about finished our fifth generation shifter. This unit will mount in any GT40 replica, center or right hand shift and give precise control of ZF, ZFQ or any rod shifted gearbox. We have a universal closing trim plate, however I need a good drawing or...
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    Free Upgrade / Retrofit

    Hi guys, It's posted on the maufacturers sub forum but you may have missed it. The new aluminum parking brake bracket(s) are available to all CAV GT owners with our fabricated steel rear uprights. This applies even if you are not the original owner. Please note, this is not a recall or...
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    Tilton Pedal Set

    Selling for a friend, complete Tilton Pedal Set with triple .750 master cylinders, remote adjustable brake bias, adjustable pedal stops on clutch and throttle pedals. Lightweight cast aluminum frame, sectioned for narrow pedal boxes and mounted on a .250 aluminum plate. It's been cleaned and...
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    Big Brake Kit

    Hi Guys, Pricing for this kit is listed under the CAV Series 100 Performance Parts thread in the Vendors and Maufacturers forum HERE: The particulars of this upgrade are very exciting...
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    Radiator Drain Port

    Here's a cooling system improvement you can make next time you have to change your coolant, replace hoses or any work that requires draining the system. Remove the rad, it will come out with the front body section still in place, and have an aluminum bung welded onto the bottom corner of the rad...
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    Door Handle Mod

    Hi Guys, Here's a DIY project for you, something we do to all our cars. The stock door handle can be overstroked, usually by Chevy owners, enough to bend the unlatch tab inside the door. The trick is to make the closing bump stop do double duty. It still adjusts closing position for a flush...
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    CAV Series 100 Performance Parts

    CAV Canada Motorsports has been representing the CAV GT since 2003. The first chassis number imported was s/n 047. Between then and when CAV (Cape Advanced Vehicles) restructured there were 100 chassis manfactured. We sold over 10% of the production from 047 to 095 in that period of time...
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    Performance Parts

    Hi guys, Please check out new sale pricing on CAV Canadas' performance parts in GT40 Parts for Sale. Great time to get upgrades in before the spring:) Cheers
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    New Pricing

    There's quite a few early (pre s/n 100) CAV GTs that have been fitted with our fabricated steel uprights. The parts deliver on all objectives: A) improved control of the contact patch, resulting in more acceleration, more brakes, more lateral grip. B) improved geometry, resulting in...
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    Quick Release Steering Hub

    A popular and easy to swap out conversion for CAV GTs. What's included is 1)SFI Certified Quick Release Hub Kit, choice of push pin or ring collar release, 1) Modified CAV GT steering colum fitted with hex or spline adaptor tig welded onto the steering shaft, new trigger for turn signal...
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    MSD Digital Ignition

    Selling for my customer a very cool MSD CPC Ignition System PN7600. This is an individual coil per cylinder system. Laptop programable, loads of fully adjustable features including start retard, advance curves, rev limiter, shift light control, individual cylinder timing and more. Also...
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    BRM 15" wheels, Goodyear Eagles

    Selling for a customer excess wheels and tires. 4) BRM 15x8 Wheels, knock-on as per CAV spec. 4) BRM 15x10 Wheels, also CAV spec. These are made by Wheelcraft in South Africa and are absolutely top quality, one piece cast, metalic grey spokes. No hits, like new. 2) Goodyear Eagle...