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    C5 T-70 updates

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    Mid engine C5 project

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    Mid Engine C5 T70

    Today’s pedal box day,
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    Mid-Engine C5 T70

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    Mid engine C5 T70

    Chassis ride height & bodywork centersection set now. Looks like floor will be 3.75” ground clearance. That’s the Max I can lift the bodywork without hitting the side-rails. Ordered aluminum today for floor & interior structure along with radiator support. Sounds like it will be here early next...
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    Mid engine C5 T70

    Finally got all the grinding finished on my chassis & remounted centersection of the bodywork back in place. I have the chassis set at ride height now so I’m starting floor fabrication. ***question everyone*** Ground clearance under floor? 3”or 3.5” I’m planning 3.5” for now.
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    Lola T70 Mk3B fiberglass bodywork for sale.

    Lola T70 Mk3B bodywork for sale. Nose/cab/tail section/side pods. Pretty complete, few parts have been cut for another project but can be fiberglassed back together to return stock shape. includes 2-GLASS WINDSHIELDS & 2-sets of headlight covers new in box.You pickup. located in MN USA $2500
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    Porsche G50-01 transaxle for sale

    Fresh built inverted G50-01 5-speed by CarQuip in Denver. Setup inverted, LSD, Kennedy adapter/clutch/PP/flywheel & starter new in boxes. located in MN USA $6500
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    T70 front five planes

    Good evening everyone, Does anyone have a set of dive planes mounted forward of the front wheels on later T70’s? Thanks, Steve
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    Mid-engine C5 T70

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    FS USA Fresh G50 01/02 5-speed Transaxle

    Hi guy’s I have a fresh inverted G50 5-speed that I’m not going to be using for my mid engine project. I’m running a drysump 420” LS so I’m using a 930 now instead. Message me if anyone’s interested. Stevo