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    Recommendation of engineering shop

    Can anyone recommend a good UK based engineering shop that has experience of working on GT40 replicas please? My GTD40 needs work on an interior conversion, minor suspension work, a new exhaust system, some paneling work and odds and sods. Frank Catt of Wealden is retired and Taylor Automotive...
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    Safe jacking points on a GTD40

    I've just acquired a GTD40 and would be grateful if someone could let me know the safe jacking points or areas on the car underside? A diagram or photo would be really great if possible. Thanks!
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    Greetings to fellow GT40 petrolheads

    Greetings Everyone, I've just joined the forum and am looking forward to many happy hours chewing the fat with fellow GT40 petrolheads and reading the posts which I am really going to enjoy. Vaughan