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    To each his own...

    Found this on the web. :stunned: Thought someone here might like it or not.
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    016 Transaxle

    Used 016 5N transaxle from an 1985 5000s Wagon $250. Trans in GA will not ship.
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    Coupe question

    Fran, Why was the intake manifold reversed on the LS engine in the Coupe? How much room is there between the front of the engine to the firewall?
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    CAV Mono chassis body colors

    CAV GT BODY COLORS (MONO CHASSIS) #1 #2 Grey #3 #4 Lemans Blue w/White Stripes #5 #6 #7 #8 Lemans Blue #9 #10 Silver Titanium #11 F1 Red #12 #13 #14 Guardsman Blue w/White Stripes #15 #16 #17 Guardsman Blue w/White Stripes #18 #19 #20 #21 #22 #23...
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    Ferrari kit

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    Spyder GT40

    Anyone know how many Spyder GT40s were made, and what model did they make them from a MKI or MKII? TIA, Rich
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    Game to play

    Found on another car forum.
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    For Sale Turn Ten Racing

    I just saw this on another forum. Turn Ten Racing, Inc. up for sale - Club Cobra Don't know what's going to happen to the GT40 line.
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    Intake Manifold

    What 4 barrel intake manifold fit the best on the CAVs? I'll be using a Ford 289 with a Getrag 016 trans. Thanks Rich
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    More problems with Ford

    Ford is really starting to slip. Look at the warning block.
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    Cav Vin

    I was reading this topic and how the CAV's VIN is broken down. I was wondering if all CAV's are B66 - Body Style B as in Mk1b '66? Or does this part of the VIN change with the different combination of...
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    Audi case saver plate

    Has anyone used Chassis Works Inc Audi 5000 case saver plate kit? Opinions, comments?
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    CAV Shifter linkage & mounts

    Can someone post a picture of the linkage and mounts used for 016 on a CAV. I'm trying to figure out what Audi linkage and mountsI can get rid of. TIA
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    Real or Replica?

    I thought all original GT 40 where RHD. Here's a picture of GT40P 1069. Ford GT40 pictures from cars photos on webshots Is this a real or a replica?
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    GT40 Apparel

    Who sells GT40 apparel? ie shirts, hats, stickers etc. Thanks
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    Prices on a 016

    What is a good price on a used and a rebuilt 016 in the U.S? I found a 016 out of a 92 Audi 100 w/99k on it for $650. TIA
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    Transaxle ID

    Did a search but didn't find any pictures. Does any one have a picture of the coding on the side of the gear case that IDs what transmission it is (i.e.012,016,01E) and a picture of the gear ratio stamped on top of the bellhousing. The pick and pull yard has some Audi transmission laying...
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    Roy Sayles the movie star

    I found this on youtube. Enjoy. YouTube - Ford GT40
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    What is the benefits of the Single and Twin Nostril hoods.
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    Vin Number info

    My state says "The Vehicle Identification Number (VIN) listed on Form TC-656 will be the number on the chassis MSO, if that number is a 17-digit conforming number issued by the manufacturer." How many digits does CAV & SPF VIN have?