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    Auto battery charger - need your help

    Hello everyone, I might need to approach some help for the auto battery charger in my car. As the exposition appears, This auto battery charger circuit can be utilized to charge 12V and 6V batteries. On the off chance that it is utilized a transformer that can convey 4A to 5A at a voltage...
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    Gearbox installation

    Hi, Gearbox Installation process: 1. Checking that there are no damages at the gear unit. 2. Checking that the gear unit and the motor name plate, matches the requirements of the machine the unit is to be installed into. 3. Thoroughly cleaning the gearbox mounting surfaces that are to...
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    Hi, I am relatively new to this community but have learned a lot in a short space of time and gaining from the huge amount of information here and hopefully help others along the way. :thumbsup: Thanks.