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    Fun with Relays

    Well boy did I just have fun tracing down a fuse blowing/wiring problem on CAV #15. Anyway I will try to boil this down as best I can, but suffice it to say that all CAV owners should be on the lookout for relay issues. Where it began. Over the winter I upgraded fans to 1" larger SPAL fans...
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    CAV Upgrade Tech

    Hi all. As some of you know I have completed several upgrades to improve the breed and am working on others as we speak. I have taken some time to show photos of some of the upgrades on my website with very brief descriptions. I will expand this area in coming weeks. You will notice that...
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    Looking for cobra style interior rear view mirror in black?

    The small dash mounted model. Most are stainless or chrome finish. I seem to remember a car with a black one, but not sure where.
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    Brake System Calculator

    A few of you have asked for my brake system calculator and I have now converted it to a more convenient Excel File. You can find it on my website under Whats New Section .
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    Rear View Camera??

    I have decided to add a roll bar mounted screen and rear view camera. I have selected the screen and am looking for a suitable camera. Anyone have something they think works great. I would wonder what viewing angle would be appropriate. Also I would think that water resistant or water proof...
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    Anyone tried this seat for track use?

    Racetech Saker Photo:
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    Gallery Area for posting photos, etc.

    I now have ~2GB of space available on my site. I was considering putting up an area where CAV users provide me with photos and I can host them. I was thinking along the lines of modifications and upgrades, etc. Something like the recent Buzz Clarke fuel cell post. I am about finished on a...
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    PRI Show

    Anyone going besides me?
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    CAV #95 available at original pricing

    Fortunately, the price of the CAV has been held constant for three years. However do to the severe drop in the dollar value and the cost of vehicle upgrades, CAV is forced to increase its price for chassis numbers above 100. For all chassis 101 and above the price will see ~10% - 12% increase...
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    Front mounted A/C condenser

    Have any of you moved your A/C condenser to in front of the radiator? Do you have photos? What size and name brand did you use?
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    Now carrying RaceCeiver line of products at discount.

    We have now added the RaceCeiver equipment to our line of products. The radio model SW-1600 is the smallest and lightest racing radio receiver on the market at a very competitive price. It is the size of a small pager and can receive the race communications of most of the popular racing series...
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    I've got a good brain teaser.

    I\'ve got a good brain teaser. Ok folks. I have a good brain teaser for you. Some relevant data. Engine is 351W (427 CID) with Ford Motorsport “Street Rod” short water pump driven CW at 1.25 times crank speed (Standard OEM ratio). I believe the thermostat is a high flow Robertshaw 180...
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    Posted Some New Photos

    Just thought I would let you guys know that I updated my website a bit and added some photos from Monterey 2003, SAAC 29 open track, etc.
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    transparent vent tubing?

    I recall having seen someone who had used transparent tubing (teflon) for the rear cylinder vent lines from the intake manifold. I have been swinging through the search feature but cannot find the post. Anyone remember the details. I have a need for such tubing. Thanks in advance Gary
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    VIR July 31- Aug 1

    I have signed up with NASA to run at their High Performance Driving Experience (HPDE) at VIR the last weekend of July. Those of you with completed cars and who are in the area should cosider this track event. They are running on the north course, and the cost is $299. go...
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    One Lap Results

    Buzz finished the One Lap in 11th overall. I am sure he must have had a blast getting to drive on so many different tracks. Hopefully when he gets back he can update us as to how it was, etc. Most of the road course runs he finished in 7th to 9th. I am particularly interested in why his car...
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    F1 is boring me to death!!!!

    Sorry for the Rant. RANT ON: F1 this year is barely more exciting to watch then baseball, golf and paint drying. I am sorry to say but I just suffered through another F1 race with one pass for the lead. This pass only occurred because Shuey was not on the pole. Thank God for the...
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    Anyone attending the 40th Ani. Mustang Convention?

    As you may know the 40th Anniversary Mustang Convention will be held at Nashville Superspeedway on April 15-18. This is a very nice track with a 1.5 mile road coarse that uses part of the oval and infield. I have heard that Ford is sending a group and I would guess they will have a few NICE...
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    Locking fastners for CV joints

    Thought I might take a minute and update everyone on the availability of good quality locking fasteners for CV joints. For those who have been worrying about this here you go. They are made by stage 8 fasteners. The are essentially a 12.9 grade 12 point head bolt with a grove cut in to permit...