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    ZFQ Bell housing wanted

    Thanks to all. I have located a bell housing. And thank you to JIMMYMAC for the correction on the original size. Fran was right about Kennedy. They are now making a smaller 157 tooth compatible bell housing. Mick form Southern GT is able to supply the ZFQ bell housing.
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    ZFQ Bell housing wanted

    Julian I will attempt to explain The original and most copies of the original (Safir Spares, John Wisher, etc) bell housing use a small 148 tooth flywheel. This is good as the engine is low in the chassis, it decreases the amount of flywheel and housing hanging below the chassis. Flywheels to...
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    ZFQ Bell housing wanted

    Fran I spoke to Dennis last week. The only Bell housing he has is reserved for a ZFQ box he is renewing. Chris My E-mails to Michael at Quaife UK have so far gone unanswered any further help in locating one would be greatly appreciated.
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    ZFQ Bell housing wanted

    New or used okay.
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    Racing Headrest wanted

    Yes available as part of a seat system. I havn't seen them separatly. Search for full containment race seat.
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    Dean Lampe's RCR GT 40

    Good news for the car and the driver. mikeGT40 - YouTube
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    A.J.'s RCR 40

    Very Nice! What brand and size tires are you using?
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    RCR40 Steering Lock Problem - Resolution?

    Mine is about 3.3-3.4 (L side drive)
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    Name Tags for Road America

    Thank you Jack! Scott McDill RCRGT40#17 Ryan McDill RCRGT40#17
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    GT40 45th reunion at Road America

    Bill, My son and I are driving from Florida and also expect to do the drive in two days. We won't be going to VIR so we are going strait to Elkhart. Would be glad to meet up for a convoy.
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    A dilemma (NSFW)

    Re: A dilemma Wow, I really thought it was a lamp.
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    Dzus fasteners long grip length

    .80 are the longest I was able to find. Pegasus - Dzus 1/4 Turn Stud Assembly - EHF5-80
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    Problem with coolant hose

    Bill, This might help. eBay Motors: ALUMINUM WATER NECK FORD 289 302 351 COBRA KIT CAR (item 190197247245 end time Feb-17-08 19:22:51 PST)
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    Need Some Help Understanding How A Cable Shifter Works

    He is going to send those "old tech" boxes to me for recycling That will save him the expense of having them hauled of to the junk yard. Right Wanni????
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    Need Some Help Understanding How A Cable Shifter Works

    This is what I found: The pantera shaft shift mechanism atached to the side of the transaxle reverses the motion of the pantera shift shaft so the fore aft motion of the shifter causes rotation of the input shaft, rotation of the shifter ie L/R motion, results in extension/retraction of the...
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    Need Some Help Understanding How A Cable Shifter Works

    Hi Bill Two cables. The shift input shaft needs to be turned by one cable, and extended retracted by the other cable. Using the kit supplied by Fran, A spool shaped device is attached to the shaft. The outside of the spool has extensions allowing for attachment of the cable for rotation. The...
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    What would you do?

    As I understand Lynn's post, He is looking for more range of adjustment in the rod end. And possibly the ability to use a jam nut in order to prevent the threads from wearing. I don't think it is supposed to be "seated" since that would completely eliminate any future adjustment. Finding a...
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    RCR Video!! Finally!

    WOW!!!! Thank you Ron. And again congratulations!
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    Installing Plexiglas question installation info LP Aero Plastics - Care and Maintenance Instructions for Aircraft Windshields and Windows care info L P Aero Plastics special drill bits and polish