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    Can Am cars at Long Beach Grand Prix

    Well it's taken me a while to start this thread but here we are. What an exciting event and what a great way to get vintage racing into the forefront at a race that may not attract the typical crusty vintage racing fan. Since the Toyota Celebrity Race has been nixed, the organizers did the right...
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    AP Monobloc 4-Piston Calipers

    Hello forum members, for sale I have 2 sets of 2 front calipers, part numbers CP5850-4SOM and CP5850-5SOM respectively. The reason for sale is that I will not be able to make them work with the steering axle of my car. Simply put, these components would have been the nicest on my whole car...
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    Roll bar helmet pad wanted.

    I've seen steering wheel pads used, but I'd like something a little more bespoke. I believe the roll bar section to be used is 1.25". Thanks for the help in advance.
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    Has anyone ever put a full downforce body...

    ...on a Formula Ford? Sounds like a fun way to lap a track. I've seen it done with a Formula Atlantic car and it seems like something that ticks all the boxes in terms of cost, fun, handling, etc. Post photos or links if you have them, I'm considering this as a viable alternative to karting for...
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    Can Am reborn.

    Sort of. Links to article regarding new racing series and the newly constructed car that will run in it. If they go to Laguna Seca to run at ALMS next year, you can guarantee I'll go to see these cars run in anger. ALMS: Unlimited Racing Championship to feature Can-Am-style cars - Autoweek...
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    LS3 intake manifold search

    So an exhaustive search has turned up nothing for an intake manifold for my LS3 Gen IV crate motor. I'm looking for either an individual runner injection (Hilborn trumpet style, even though it wouldn't be 100% correct) or Weber setup for my Can Am car. Since it sticks through the cowl and into...
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    Fuel bladder fitment

    I'm finding that buying an off the shelf fuel bladder is much more economical than having a custom one made to the exact size of the enclosures that are built into the tunnels of my race car. However, the off the shelf variety are not the exact size of my enclosures. What are the...
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    Brake rotor hat measurement parameters.

    Hello forum members. I am on the next step in my build which is having brake rotor hats and caliper brackets made for my car. I have my wheels and their measurements. I have the uprights, their mounting ears and the hubs contained within them and their associated measurements. I also have the...
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    LMP Can Am M1C build thread

    Hello forum members, here is the build thread for my dream car. This already has taken a while, and it will take a bit more so be patient. This is a Can Am car that I ordered last year from a very talented and passionate fellow in Germany ( who has been great spec'ing the...
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    Wanted: shifter RCR linkage

    Looking for a shifter such as the one depicted in the picture (believe that is a RCR part for a T-70) or one similar for my Can Am M1C. However, it needs to be a tunnel mount as opposed to the dashboard bulkhead shown in photo. Thanks in advance.
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    Mechanical tachometer question.

    I'm trying to use a nostalgic tachometer with a cable drive on a modern engine (CT525 LS3 Chevy) and am wondering if there is a drive kit that would allow me to accomplish this. Thanks in advance.
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    Sauber and other Mercedes delights

    I'm working on a large budget commercial featuring some rare (1 of 1) and powerful (700 bee haitch pee) cars from the Mercedes Museum. More to come.
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    Thank God for NASCAR

    Here is a general shout-out and reminder how great the aftermarket/race team spares and auctions are, particularly NASCAR spares. I just won an Ebay auction for a set of short-course, heavy duty calipers for my project (Can-Am mid-engine) which calls for 2 sets of front 4 piston stoppers. I...
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    What happened to the Can-Am forum?

    Here one day and gone the next...
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    International shipping of palletized rolling chassis

    I'm shipping a roller (no motor or trans) from Germany to Los Angeles and am trying to find as much information as possible, or even a specialist that can handle transport. I have contacted only one source (a little alarming at close to 2600 Euro) and am looking for other's experiences. Car is...
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    Hello forum members

    Hello all, I'm Joe and have been lurking here for a while. I will soon be the proud owner of an LMP Can Am M1C and I look forward to contributing and sharing my build. Here's a photo from the manufacturer.